HandCircus founder Simon Oliver has revealed more details on Okabu: The PSN Physics Toybox today which will be heading to PlayStation Network soon.

To quote: HandCircus is a really small team - there are only five of us at the studio! In addition to myself, we have Mikko and Matt handling art needs, Luke spearheading programming and Shane tackling level design. We've also been working with Resonate Music, who have been crafting Okabu's original, authentic African-inspired soundtrack.

Their studio has been filled to the rafters with all manner of exotic instruments like Marimbas, Kalimbas, Vibraphones as well as some extremely talented vocalists.

Always-on Co-op

Co-op is at the core of the game. Even single player is a co-op experience because it allows you to swap between Kumulo and Nimbe (and they hero that they may be carrying) at any time.

Much of the game revolves around using the different skills of the heroes together - get Monkfish to pull open a door, then Picolo can lure a bull through and get it to take out a dastardly Dozabot. If there's two of you the game is even more fun, as each of you can take control of Kumulo or Nimbe.

Let's Get Physical

Physics plays a core part of the game. One of our key aims with Okabu is to give the world a real toybox feel, where all the elements and interactions are super-tactile. We want you to feel that you are really reaching out and touching the world.

Toys like Big Loader, Kong Man and Screwball scramble were big influences on members of our team growing up, and capturing the physical magic of those toys has been an objective since we began development.

Use of physics has allowed us to create some really fun interactions between all of the machines, vehicles, creatures and characters of Okabu, from a vacuum-powered truck and block-flipping goat to the towering Doza cranes and Bomb-bot cannons.

As well as a sizeable adventure mode, Okabu also features a number of endless minigames that allow you to compete for scores via online leaderboards. Each minigame focuses on a different style of play, with one featuring Captain Monkfish attempting to round up a number of Bushybeasts that have been rampaging around a Yorubo village by luring them with tasty fish. Another sees Picolo charming various goats and bulls to take out marauding Dozabots. Okabu is Coming Soon!

We're really excited to be bringing Okabu to PSN this summer, and can't wait to share more about the game.

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