According to Japanese publication Weekly Famitsu, Namco Bandai has announced Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 for the Nintendo Wii.

The game will be an action shooter from a first-person perspective. Similar to controls of other first person shooters on the Wii, players will use the Wii remote to aim and shoot while the nunchuk controller will be used to move the mechs. You can use the control pad to zoom into sniper mode and shoot targets at long-range. To engage in melee combat, a message will appear on screen when you are in close range with enemies. To swing your weapon, hold the A button and swing the remote. To block an attack, players will press the B button. There will also be occasions where your weapons clash and will need to swing the remote to fill up the gauge and gain the advantage in the duel. Defeating enemy mechs will sometimes reward you with their weapons as well.

The game feature characters and mechs from four different Gundam series - Mobile Suit Gundam, Gundam 0080: A War in the Pocket, Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team and Gundam: Blue Destiny - which all takes place during the One-Year War. Players can also customize the colors of the mechs to their liking.

While there is no word yet on a North American release, Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 for the Wii is scheduled for a release in Japan on July 26.

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