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    Guitar Hero II on PS3: There's Hope

    November 6, 2006 - Easily the most common question we get regarding PlayStation 3 backwards-compatibility, and possibly even PS3 overall, is whether or not we'll be able to play the Guitar Hero series on the PlayStation 3. Up until now there hasn't been any sort of official word of an adaptor for the PS3, but it seems that Radio Shack has the answer for us with part number 2600729.

    Its "USB Adapter for PlayStation 2 Controller" (which many other manufacturers also make) is intended for using a Dual Shock 2 on a PC. Since the PS3 has a series of USB connectors, we went ahead and tried using a Dual Shock 2 on the system and lo and behold, it worked. The D-Pad and analog sticks can't be used at the same time, as you need to use the Analog On/Off button to switch between the two, but otherwise it seems to be 100% functional.

    Our test system doesn't feature backwards compatibility, so we can't actually test Guitar Hero or its sequel on the system, but it certainly looks like everything should work fine on a retail unit. We'll have a final retail system in our hands very soon and will try this out once it's in the office and update this story accordingly. But for now, yes, it looks like Guitar Hero will work just fine, and we can all thank the rock gods for that.

    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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    red octane and ps3

    this may be hard to believe but i was at the red octane office to pick up an order and i overheard kai and charles talk to some execs after coming from a ps3 briefing at sony. they were talking about the specs and what not and how they liked the system. so the chances that guitar hero will work on the ps3 are really high. in speculation, the wireless guitar hero controller (with some sort of usb wireless reciever) will probably be the link to guitar hero on the ps3.

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    I've heard it confirmed that GH2 does infact work on the PS3, no mention on wether or not you'd need to buy something to make it work or not. Ill try to dig up the link.

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    I had read that the guitar controller will not work because you need to press the PS button to run a ps2 game...

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    That's true d0gsn0t, apparently even when using the usb plugin, the PS button on the SIXAXIS has to be pushed. They say you can't swap them either because it has to be in when you reset the console.

    I have no idea why you couldn't plug it into a different port and just use it as a 2nd player or something ,but apparently that's not possible. I think the same people who wrote this info also did the test.

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    And why can't you switch to the guitar after you do that?
    Anyway...from what I know about that guitar, the left directional pad is always active...That's how the game knows it's the guitar and not a regular controller...Hence, everything will work fine except for one thing...The whammy bar. It uses analog...And if you can only use either the d-pad or the analog, I'd say it won't work...

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