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    Apr 2005

    Guide: Signing Up for Japanese MGO Open BETA for PS3

    Those who didn't pre-order MGS4 and as a result can't get into the MGS4 BETA are not left out in the cold anymore...

    Thanks to shhhoff at GameTrailers, he has devised a way that users may be able to sneak into the BETA through the use of finding your away around the Japanese entry portal.

    The complete guide can be viewed HERE, and good luck!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    VendeTTaa Guest
    I finally got this to work for me after 45 mins of fumbling around with random text entries and plugins to display Japaneses characters.

    For anyone having issues, my konami name was all lowercase 11 characters with no numbers. Password had capitals, numbers and lowercase. The main thing that set me back was the name field, (the part where you copy over jap characters into the four input boxes right next to each other) but i found if i just put in two characters it worked.

    Im in Australia and im not about to shell out 120AUD when i can save 50 bucks by importing so this is a good quick fix for some mgo action.

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    TwEAkeR Guest
    I just got this to work. Now I have two beta codes. One from gamestop and Japanese one.

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    MadBow Guest
    Got a question: Could you get banned for this?

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    Mailyfesux Guest
    It could be possible if Sony were micro$oft. :]

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    young capwn Guest
    Real Beta starts on the 21st i believe.

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    Xis Guest
    Not working anymore. The site now detects from where you are accessing it. It's for Japanese only.

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    rockmanjoey Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Xis View Post
    Not working anymore. The site now detects from where you are accessing it. It's for Japanese only.
    You must mean like the PS Stores or if you are on a particular website but the website only allows you to access videos if your a resident of a particular country.

    Ryan Payton said that there is going to be a beta for Europe, the question is....when?

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    KenZomgWtfBbq Guest

    Use this proxy to access it.

    However, registrations are no longer available or something.


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    VendeTTaa Guest
    Hmm, glad I got in when I did then.

    I can imagine that registrations are no longer available because of us silly non-Japanese messing it up for them

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