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    Apr 2005

    Guide: How To Play MKV Files On Your PlayStation 3

    Now the PlayStation 3 is a brilliant media center as it can pretty much play any format you would ever desire and the ease of copying files combined with accessible expandable storage makes it nearly perfect. Although as you might or might not already know the PlayStation 3 can not playback the standard HD format that is .mkv.

    Matroska is slowly becoming the norm for high definition content and it’s a bit let down that Sony haven’t supported it. Luckily there is a fairly easy work around that you can use through the process of ReMuxing.

    Remuxing in this instance takes the video and audio streams and combines them into one mixed file. This means that you’ll end up with a playable file but without any visible loss of quality. This file, which can be a .vob or .mpeg depending on your preference, can then be played back on your PlayStation 3 instantly. It’s also incredibly quick to remux your file to this format as I’ve rarely waited more than a couple of minutes for a file to be generated.

    What you’ll need is mkv2vob which is the easiest and quickest program to use that can do this. This program is quite diverse for what is a simple program. You can produce spilt files for easier backing up and you can produce the outcome in a number of formats. mkv2vob really does the job.

    My only problem is fitting content on a DVD5 but maybe an investment in a dual-layer drive would help. Nevertheless this program provides the easiest solution to this problem although you would like to think that Sony will add support sooner rather than later. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    jabberosx Guest
    So.. i am guessing. You remux it to vob and play through the regular media streaming server ?

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    Apr 2005


    Ya, this probably isn't anything 'new' for most people here as there are several posts already on it:




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    zoned Guest
    I have found that the easiest thing to do with large mkv files that wont fit on a DVD or a FAT32 drive is.

    1) remux them to mpg with mkv2vob
    2) include in the media server share
    3) either play remotely or copy onto the PS3 via the media server.

    Copying onto the PS3 also has the benefit of fixing any problems with network congestion or wifi not being able to keep up. It will also rectify any problems caused by fragmentation of the remote file as it will probably not be fragmented on the PS3.

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    Kellog Guest
    A friend of mine told me at spring, that he has read, that firmware 2.5 should have better video format support including separate subtitle files (srt etc.).

    I think this is only rumour and even he didn't had any idea about possible mkv support, I don't see as an absolute impossible feature. Since we now have divx & xvid support, I can't see why we couldn't get mkv support too.

    I don't think that adding better support for different video/audio formats to PS3 would increase piracy. It would just make things easier, when you shouldn't have any separate streaming boxes/multimedia pc's or shouldn't make any format conversions to watch your videofiles.

    It would also decrease the willindness to mod your ps3, if you could get most of it even without any modifications. It would also make the PS3 more appealing for people who are more interested of watching videos than playing games.

    A good video streaming box can easily cost 399,- and in PS3 you also have a Blu-ray player included, DVD player with quite a good scaler, mp3/cd player and you can also play games/browse internet etc., even if your main interest is good quality video films.

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    xcalibur Guest

    This is why Sony will NEVER allow MKV support

    Firstly, MKV is not a "format", it's a container much like AVI and MPEG. All of these can be encoded with either x264, xvid or you name it.

    MKV's advantage is that it's possible to mux it with several audio tracks simultaneously + subtitles. Nowadays Matroska is only used in the pirating industry. No major has true interest in using this not to mention Sony themself.

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    dijitalxyz Guest
    maybe SONY support extracted subtitles and AVC

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    ricdee Guest
    Just use GOTSent its the best way of converting and it lets pick either mpg or my preference .mp4 and it will split at 4gb to allow for transfer to ps3 required fat32 disks. Top stuff.

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    slammy Guest
    works very good, only thing I've had a few problems with is to get the subs working on the output .vob.

    If you have have a xvid you wanna add subs to use aviaddxsub, and set fourcc to DX50. works flawless

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    Neobond Guest
    Are there any OS X solutions for this?

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