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    b4rtsimps0n Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by GZA1984 View Post
    Thanks, you're my hero! Problem solved!

    EDIT: ouch the prices seem a bit unrealistic. $20 = €23.99 on that site (should be way less then €20,-)
    Yeah true, it's a bit expensive. But remember, they have to import the cards and put the codes in the system so that's costing them money too. And it's still cheaper and easier than getting a credit card

    And I think most games are cheaper anyway in the US store.

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    VirbeNL Guest
    GZA1984: I am also dutch, and i opened an account at Paypal and then confirmed a bank account (INgbank,Rabobank..enz), you then get 2 small amounts sent by Paypal which you have to confirm to them.

    After that you can also use Paypal for buying at HDMoviesource!
    I payed 42 euros for a 50 dollar PSN card!
    that's a reasonable price!

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    dmagik1 Guest
    hi i'm in holland too. if i bought us playstation network credit can i buy killzone 2 map pack from us psn store and use it with my dutch account?


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