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Thread: Guerrilla on Killzone 3 PS3 Open Beta Update Issues and Solutions

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    Guerrilla on Killzone 3 PS3 Open Beta Update Issues and Solutions

    Today SCEE Senior Product Manager Chris Weatherhead has outlined Killzone 3 PS3 Open Beta update issues and solutions from Guerrilla Games.

    To quote: It's less than a week since the Killzone 3 Multiplayer Beta hit PlayStation Store, but already you've racked up some impressive numbers.

    There's been a staggering 62 million - million! - kills, of which around ten per cent have been Brutal Melee kills. Some 400,000 games have been blitzed through, with well over half a million players appearing on the Killzone 3 leaderboards.

    And two of those players have stormed through the one million XP barrier already. The Helghast don't know what's hit them.

    Your dedication to the cause hasn't gone unnoticed over at developer Guerrilla Games.

    Far from it: the team has been working around the clock to analyse and act upon your feedback. Below you'll find a round-up of issues discovered thanks to your hard work, and the solutions that Guerrilla is working on to refine your experience:

    High level issues discovered:

    - Connection problems
    - High load caused the database to fall over
    - Score posting
    - Flickering screens
    - Ribbon stats not updating
    - Vulgarity filter

    Solutions underway:

    - Guerrilla has already released a patch, which is live at the time of writing.
    - Guerrilla has made improvements for the server connection issues. The server was brought down and put back up for that on Monday, 7 February 2011.
    - The problems with the filter should be fixed now.
    - Guerrilla will continue to update the servers and patch the Beta if needed and are watching your feedback closely on

    From Guerrilla: "We are happy that we are encountering these issues now, during a Beta, instead of after launch. This will help us get ready for the huge amount of people that are expected to go online at launch."

    "This Beta also gives us the opportunity to change Killzone 3 based on feedback that we get. Although we've already gone gold, we can and will make server side adjustment to things like weapon damage, balancing issues etc. So this is not a demo; it is a Beta for us to test the game.

    "Thanks for your continued patience and help in getting this tested properly."

    So, keep playing - the more you experience the Killzone 3 Muliplayer Beta, the more you'll contribute to an even more polished final game.

    [imglink=|Guerrilla on Killzone 3 PS3 Open Beta Update Issues and Solutions][/imglink]
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    Shabang22 Guest
    Nice to see a company using the beta period to actually fix things, unlike the Black Ops team.

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Shame though about the connection issues, I got on once before the patch for a few hours but since the patch its just impossible. The only time I managed to get on was on the USA region servers, now Ive tried every region available for the last few days since patch and no luck at all, I hope these are not the same servers/bandwidth that will be used when game goes live or its going to fail bigtime.

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    syphonlord Guest
    yeah same here, can't seem to get a game since they patched it.. don't know what there server limit is, lets hope they sort it soon.

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