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Thread: Guerrilla Games Director Details Killzone 3 PS3 Controls

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    Guerrilla Games Director Details Killzone 3 PS3 Controls

    Guerrilla Games Director Victor Zuylen has detailed a comparison of the controls between Killzone 2 and the upcoming PS3 video game Killzone 3.

    To quote from the official site, linked above: "For Killzone 3, Guerrilla's developers are aiming to keep the unique sense of weight in the game while ramping up the accuracy and responsiveness of the controls. We talked to Game Director Mathijs de Jonge to get a better idea of the considerations involved with the redesign.

    "Our first priority when we started working on the controls for Killzone 3 was to listen closely to Killzone 2's players - what they liked, what they disliked, and how they felt things could be improved," Mathijs says.

    "Accuracy and responsiveness consistently came up as the top issues. At the same time, a lot of players were saying they loved the weighty feel."

    That might sound contradictory, but one doesn't have to preclude the other. "For the most part, the unique sense of weight in Killzone 2 comes directly from the first-person animations, not from the control scheme," Mathijs explains.

    "The speed of movement and the way the camera bobs up and down are consistent with the view of a person carrying around heavy equipment."

    When the team went back to the drawing board, they began by exhaustively analyzing every aspect of the underlying system, taking into consideration factors like input lag, acceleration and dead zone (the amount of movement on the analog stick required to produce a reaction in the game -Ed.) and how each affected the overall gameplay. Their findings were used to make improvements to the accuracy and responsiveness of the controls.

    The results so far have been very encouraging. "Right now it's still a work in progress," Mathijs says, "but we're definitely getting there.

    We've recalibrated the dead zone to be more responsive and significantly reduced the input lag, resulting in far better accuracy. Best of all, we've managed to retain that sense of weight that set Killzone 2 apart from other shooters. I can't wait for people to try it out."

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    chrykel Guest
    kz2 controls were annyoning, but i got used to them quick and then i tried to play cod mw after and and couldnt adjust to it's controls...

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    Rocky5 Guest
    the sticks has to be faster, I felt they were far too sluggish you moved the stick and it waited for like half a second then moved.

    Just poor controls in my eyes.

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    Surfaced Guest
    I'm glad to hear they're working on it. The Heavy feel was a good distinctive property for Killzone 2 but it did go overboard on input lag and just the process of aiming which often felt overly difficult. I say eliminate input lag as much as possible and make aiming responsive, but push the weightiness into things the player understands he has no control over, like the animations. Control is just a huge part of games. You'll turn off a ton of players if they aren't satisfied with the feel.

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    I didn't like the controls of KZ2. They were too different and too hard to get used to from other Shooter games.

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    rockon4you Guest

    Could of been worse...

    Quote Originally Posted by BALLISTIKAL View Post
    I didn't like the controls of KZ2. They were too different and too hard to get used to from other Shooter games.
    Well, if you do remember, the controls in Lost Planet 2 were terrible also. I actually had to get rid of it because of how much different the controls were. I also had Killzone 2 which was a bit odd in the controller aspect. I guess we will see how it all turns out when Killzone 3 is released.

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    pixilicous Guest
    Let's put it this way, instead all this nonsense in order to look good and sounds professional, they could just write:
    We sucked before, we failed on the controls, but we learned from out mistakes and this time we will do it more like every other shooter out there

    Nooo.. they had to go with "we wanted to make the player feel the weight of the weapons and inventory.." pfft! bs! if it was like that then small and big weapons would have felt a bit different.

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    rockon4you Guest
    haha yea definitely. Many people that play shooters just want the basic controls so it's easier and not as complex

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