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Thread: Guerrilla Games Details Killzone 3 PS3 Patch 1.12, Hits Next Week

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    Guerrilla Games Details Killzone 3 PS3 Patch 1.12, Hits Next Week

    Today Von Victor Zuylen at Guerrilla Games has shared details on the upcoming Killzone 3 PS3 patch 1.12 which arrives next week on September 6, 2011.

    Below are the details, to quote: On Tuesday, September 6, Guerrilla will release patch 1.12 for Killzone 3.

    This patch introduces several community-requested changes to Killzone 3, including an adjustment to the Marksman's scramble ability, better turrets for the Engineer, and an option to switch off Sixaxis-only actions for players with disabilities.

    Here is the full list of changes included with patch 1.12:


    - Changed Marksman's scramble ability into an active ability - The marksman scramble ability now needs to be activated and deactivated via the d-pad, and has a cooldown period.
    - Increased tracking response for engineer turrets - The turn speed of turrets has been increased, allowing them to track players more easily.
    - Increased armor for engineer turrets (30%) - Turrets can still be destroyed by a single explosion from a grenade or missile launcher.


    - Improved StA-2 Battle Pistol - Detonation time for the StA-2 Battle Pistol's grenade is shorter, and the damage it deals is more severe.


    - Added realtime projector to MP15 Radec Academy - A realtime projector has been added to the theater room, projecting onto the large wall with two doors.


    - Toned down overly enthusiastic death screams - Aieeeeaaargh!


    - Increased mission points in Warzone - There is more of an incentive to go after mission objectives now.
    - Doubled cooldown time on mortars - Cooldown time was increased from 30 to 60 seconds to avoid spamming the Search & Destroy mission area.
    - Fixed tournaments not ending as soon as one clan leaves.
    - Fixed clans being able to rejoin games that were already finished - Clans used these exploits to boost their game wins and climb the leaderboards.
    - Reduced wait time at end of the round - The wait time was brought down from 60 to 45 seconds.
    - Reduced pre-game wait time at end of the round - The wait time was brought down from 30 to 20 seconds.


    - Added menu option to disable Sixaxis-only actions - Sixaxis-only actions can now be switched off in the menu, so players only have to press 'O' to start an action. This will make Killzone 3 more accessible to disabled players.
    - Added map name to spawn screen - The map name can be seen in the top left, under the titles.


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    DemonoidMaster Guest
    hell yeah, however, why are they fixing the death screams ??? i think they sound good enough...

    Death screams vs. "toned down" or "No" death screams = it sucks, i want it to stay that way.

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    elser1 Guest
    i love this games mp but its resistance 3 time on the 6th.. so many games only two arms and one brain.. grrrr

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