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    Apr 2005

    GTA IV PS3 Patch 1.06 Released, Fixes Bugs and Load Times

    Today RockStar has released GTA IV PS3 patch version 1.06, which fixes several bugs and improves load times.

    Issues fixed include the '50 friends list' bug, a number of glitches, and loading the game sequences with less lag.

    To quote: The patch fixed some serious problems, read the list below:

    - 50 Friends List bug fixed
    - Online multiplayer game preferences (Friendly Fire, Auto Aim, Cops)
    - Updated trophy list
    - Apparently faster loading times everywhere, less lag
    - Popular BDBII glitch fixed
    - Car blip off glitch fixed
    - Other random glitches fixed

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    heartagram62 Guest
    It may have fixed some things but has broken others like your online cash no longer updates to the servers. Is this going to affect those working towards the online trophies? Who knows!

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    proskopina Guest
    i think is too late for this update!!! i dont play this game anymore!!! and i don't think a lot of people still play the game!!!

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    SuperDre Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by proskopina View Post
    i think is too late for this update!!! i dont play this game anymore!!! and i don't think a lot of people still play the game!!!
    What kind of nonsense is that.. It's not like the game isn't for sale anymore, every week there are still people buying the game.. I for one still haven't even gotten the game (too many other games to play, and I think the price is still to high), but I'm glad to know that if I do I don't have to wait as much during the game..

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    Virii2012 Guest
    I agree I think it's a good thing they're still doing updates, I recently started playing again to collect more trophies as there are tons that are a pain to get. Will be nice having less load times and I haven't started multiplayer yet really so that's another plus.

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    Kiriller Guest
    what's with the parachute in the picture? never seen it in the game, anyone?

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    red8316 Guest
    From: gta.wikia.com/Parachute

    "Parachutes are introduced in The Ballad of Gay Tony with a vastly improved design, flapping realistically with the wind when deployed. Parachutes are first used in the mission High Dive and then adopted for a number of missions in the game, and serves as an integral component for the game's interpretation of base jumps, which are available in single player mode as well as the multiplayer "Free Mode" (using the parachute in Team Deathmatch could allow for an entire team to paradrop into a combat zone). Base jumping in the game involves the player jumping off a number of skyscrapers in Liberty City onto moving trucks. After completing all of the jumps in single player, the parachute will appear in the player's safehouse."

    Parachute Glitch Video Clip

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