European Brand Manager Penrose Tackie has started winding down the GT Academy 2010 PS3 Time Trial today with a peek at the closing stages.

To quote: We are now edging ever nearer to the closing stages of the Time Trial element of this year's GT Academy.

With well over a million downloads of the GT Time Trial Challenge, its been clear that GT fans and newbies alike have heeded the call of what has proven to be a demanding test of driving skill and nerve.

Racing into this final week, a look at country rankings based on best individual times, offers a fascinating if highly non-scientific gauge as to which countries are currently earning bragging rights on the Time Trial. The order of merit is as follows;

4th. SPAIN
6th. ITALY
8th. UK

So, what happens at the end of the Time Trial? Read on to get the lowdown....

The Time Trial Challenge will officially end on Sunday January 24th at 23.59 GMT.

From 06.00AM GMT Monday 25th January, you should check and if you are in the top 30 within one of the participating countries you will be invited to enter your details onto the registration form on the site.

Entrants ranking 21-30 will be placed on standby just in case any of the top 20 can't take part.

You will have until 23.59 Tuesday 26th January to enter your details - so make sure you don't miss out.

If you haven't been lucky enough to qualify within the top 30, fear not you will still be able to play the demo until 24th February - if you have already downloaded it by the close of the Time Trial on Sunday.

However with five days to still prove you've got the skills, those national final places are still up for grabs so have another go, you can make it!

Check back on here for more information about what's new in the GT Academy and also keep an eye on the Facebook and Twitter pages.

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