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    Thumbs Down grounded from videogames

    dont you hate when parents ground you from videogames... 2 weeks

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    yes... i most certainly do, but i always have my spare psp hidden in the depths of my sock drawer to fall back on...

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    Never been grounded. Be a good boy/girl and you will be fine.

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    Lol yeah. but i always have some kind of portable device >

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    Jul 2006
    I guess it sucks right now... But the summer is here so at least you can go outside... Try to be a good boy/girl and don't play too long sessions and keep your schoolwork A+, then you'll be OK

    Best regards!

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    lol think we all need to uncover what he did to get himself grounded.. might have been really horrible to his mother, that doesnt deserve our sympathy

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