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    Gripshift Demo Now at Play$tation $tore

    honestly i didn't really like it much (never played gripshift before so didn't really know what to expect) and the demo is only 121 megs, so even if ya don't like it, its small enough to just give it a try.

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    Feb 2006
    Downloading it now. Also looks like the full version can be downloaded for $9.99.

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    I don't like this game.

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    Jul 2006


    This game was hurtbag on the psp, and is hurtbag on ps3. Updated rendering.. SO WHAT... release some cars, and tracks for GT HD and I will buy that. If someone @ sony thinks someone will buy this POS title over DLing GT HD for free.... hrmmmm... (maybe vancouver isnt the only place with free heroin) :??

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    I do love getting all the free demos and having a chance to try out new games. That doesn't mean I have to like playing the games though

    GripShift is definitely the WORST game I have ever played. And I'm not sure what they are talking about when they say it incorporates features from puzzle games? After 4 minutes of loading (per track), you drive a car on a track that is about 8 seconds long. It doesn't matter whether you even steer the car in most cases. The graphics are in no way fantastic, and the physics are just not good.

    My fav download so far was Cash Guns Chaos demo, so if you haven't been the p-store yet give it a try.

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    its kinda fun. the thing that makes me keep playing it is the whole online ranking system.

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