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    zoned Guest

    Grand Theft Auto IV Trophy Patch Released Early from RockStar!

    It appears that RockStar have released the patch early, possibly to reduce strain on the servers.

    To quote: So when RockStar says "Monday the 27th of October" it seems they actually mean "the evening of Sunday the 26th."

    The GTA IV trophy patch is now live and ready to be downloaded worldwide.

    So if you're not too busy exploring Africa, the Ishimura or Rapture, why not have another go around Liberty City?

    Keep in mind that you'll have to start a new game as the trophies are not retroactive. But was anyone really expecting them to be? More PlayStation 3 News...

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    IanJ Guest
    It appears that it is retroactive as I have a load of trophies for my half completed game. :-D

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    sekemc Guest
    It might be retroactive if you haven't used any cheat codes... can you confirm this?

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    IanJ Guest
    I haven't activated any cheats and I only started playing after the previous patch (1.02?). So maybe they laid the foundations in the previous one. But I've def got a whole load of trophies after the latest patch

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