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    Grand Theft Auto IV Multiplayer Back Online!

    If you didn't know, Grand Theft Auto IV on the PlayStation 3 has been having some online issues. We are happy to say the game is back online and can now be played in multiplayer matches.

    What are you waiting for, get off onAXIS and go play on of the fourteen multiplayer modes. Yes, fourteen.

    Although I got to say, now that I'm finally online I am a bit disappointed with the character creation. There is so little choice (roughly 4 choice to select for each piece of body wear and face).

    I'm not that far in, but do you unlock more for your online character as you progress through the game?

    Grand Theft Auto IV Multiplayer Back Online!

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    Yeah it is working better. But I played for a good 3 hours yesterday, ranked up and everything. Then it locked up, everyone got kicked off, and we all lost all the money we had gained over the past hours...

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