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Thread: Gran Turismo PlayStation Home Space Plus Features Detailed

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    Gran Turismo PlayStation Home Space Plus Features Detailed

    Details have surfaced on a new PlayStation Home space for the long-awaited racer Gran Turismo 5.

    Similar to EA's Sports Complex in Home, this space will offer a racing minigame and include a special interaction with Gran Turismo 5.

    Apparently users will win Home items and accessories depending on how and with what you win races in the actual game.

    To quote: Everyone loves EA's Sports Complex and the mini games, especially the mini racing game right? Well you're gonna love GT5 Home Space.

    From what I hear the Home space is gonna have a similar feature as EA's mini race car game. A cool feature for any GT5 racing fan.

    This Home space will also have some sort of connection with the game as far as whatever achievement you do in the game will have an effect in the Home space.

    Lets say you purchase items in the game like a corvette or a viper, then you go into Home and you receive a statue of a corvette or a viper that you put in you Home apartment for decoration and the same thing in Home. You purchase a clothing article or something in Home and you receive something in the game.

    This is cool and genius. Both GT5 game and Home Space will work together. So much stuff coming. It's going to be amazing and I can't wait for both GT5 and GT5 Home Space to be released.

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    Sooks Guest


    Wow, this is gonna be great!

    I cant wait, but im guessing this will be released along side GT5 or will it also function with GT5 Prologue?

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    dodgydan2001 Guest

    Big Grin

    The picture shows a picture of GT prologue, so perhaps they might add some GT5 prologue content, we can only wait and wish.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    OMG !! This is just super cool news! I really (and still) enjoyed GT5 Prologue...

    Can't wait till the Home Room launches...

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