The man behind the Gran Turismo series, Kazunori Yamauch (from Polyphony Digital) said when interviewed by Joystiq that it's not that easy to develop on PS3 that they've had to put GT for PSP aside a little bit. On the PSP version he said "we are still working on it, but this will be after GT5 on PS3."

Gran Turismo is also one of the few games that run at 1080p and 60fps, he said that this was a must have because when you're driving at high speeds you must be able to see detailed objects in the distance. He also said they had ideas for PSP interactivity with the PS3, most notable was that he thought it was possible for someone on the PSP to compete in the same race with someone on the PS3.

To quote from the interview: Interactivity between PSP and PS3. One of the examples they showed at E3 two years ago was the idea of a rear-view mirror in a racing game... *laughs* that example probably not being the best application of the PSP, have you considered any other kind of PSP interactivity with the PS3 and GT5?

Well, one example would be for people to utilize replays of their race experience. Take that outside the home, whereas at home you would need the PS3, but they can take that away and share. Another would be - and we would need to do further research, we're just talking ideals here - but it would be nice if we were able to allow people to compete whether they're on the road or in their living room on the PS3, compete in the same race.

Even though the visual qualities will be different depending on which hardware they're on it would be nice if we could allow for that. Technically, we think we should be able to. Or another would be - a feature we had on GT4 B-spec - which is basically you're the race manager. You don't even need to steer the controller, you just set the car and let it go; you're managing it. Another example would be the PSP would be your management tool: give it input and give it instructions and the car would continue on with the race.

So that's GT5. Gran Turismo PSP we already discussed. What's next after that? More Gran Turismo games?

Kazunori always wanted to do something beyond Gran Turismo, but with the PS3 and all the downloadable possibilities, that dream is further and further away. *laughs*

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