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Thread: Gran Turismo Has Competition Dubbed Need for Speed: Shift

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    Takavach Guest

    Gran Turismo Has Competition Dubbed Need for Speed: Shift

    For years the Gran Turismo franchise has been the king of driving simulators. From it's days on the PlayStation to it's last release Gran Turismo 5: Prologue.

    It has usually been the best looking driving game on the market and the most realistic driving expierence for racing fans. Though the guys at EA, and Slightly Mad Studios have a game that's coming for Gran Turismo's crown.

    The game is Need for Speed: Shift. Now over the past couple of years, the recent Need for Speed's have continually gotten worse and worse, but the guys at Slightly Mad Studio plan to change that trend. Members of the development team once worked at Simbin Studios, and worked on the GT Legends and GTR2 games.

    The guys at Slightly Mad are taking this game in a slightly new direction. Instead of focusing on the street racing aspect that made Need for Speed famous, Shift is going towards a more realistic driving expierence; as seen in Forza and Gran Turismo.

    The game is beautiful. This game will easily challenge Gran Turismo 5 as the most beautiful racing game when they both come out. In Shift, the driver will have an effective rear view mirror while in the cockpit view. You will even be able to see the reflection of opponents cars on your hood.

    Unlike Gran Turismo, in Shift your cars will collect dust and dirt, and when the driver hits a wall or another car their car will be damaged. In past Gran Turismo's, this wasn't available. The inside of the cars will also be fully modeled down to the tee.

    The game will come with between 60 and 100 cars at launch. At the time, it is unknown how many maps will be available, but the game will feature both real world racing tracks and real world locations like London. This game could be a good option for 360 owners who want a Gran Turismo-like expierence, or PS3 racing fans who want another expierence.

    This game is already being praised in it's current stage of development, and can only improve between now and this Fall. Daniel Bloodworth of Gametrailers said, 'I would actually buy this game today, and it's still in development. It looks great and is a lot of fun.'

    Will this game be better than Gran Turismo 5? Only time will tell, but it looks like it has a lot of potential to revive the Need for Speed series.

    Need for Speed: Shift is coming out this Fall for the PS3, 360, and PSP.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    mrmiller24 Guest
    i think its important to note that the current GT games haven't had damage included but it is expected to come with GT:5

    another thing is that all the fun of the need for speed franchise was actually the street racing element, when they tried to make it more realistic with pro street it was ruined, so they went back to what it was with undercover and this was a very entertaining game to play.

    its a risky move making it a sim racer but being a racing game fan i will most probably buy it anyway because it does look beautiful

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    banksc Guest
    YeeHaw! Competition only does good things. As an avid GTR2, RACE07 (now GTR Evo) driver, I am happy to see them moving in this direction. Not sure how it will work out for the general market, but I have always stayed away from the NFS series due the arcade feeling. I have high hopes for both NFS:Shift and GT5.

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    vfxraven19 Guest
    It's nice to see competition, but I am guessing GT5 will have just about every car out there - something that other racing games seem to miss.

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    MaDLeB Guest
    xbox 360 suck for racing because microsoft dont wanna release a patch for logitech g25 steering wheel and they cant even make a good steering wheel.

    I enjoy racing on my ps3 with g25 and i own both consoles but i like ps3 for racing.

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    D3M0N2009 Guest
    Lol, judging by the last NFS game this one will be just as unrealistic so its no competition for GT5.

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    wesv1971 Guest
    I've played all GT versions and have'nt found anything that has compared. They always seem to just get better and I'm sure if NFS has gotten more realistic then GT has gotten even better.

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    dookie11 Guest
    this game better have multiplayer offline, so I can play with my cousins at home. the other racing games on ps3 (except motorstorm and gt5) failed to include such an important feature. what are these developers thinking?

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    acepilot12 Guest

    GT...all the way

    Personally I perfer the Gran Turismo series, i find it the be more realistic, except the one flaw that your car can't be damaged. The Need For Speed series is probably too much of a Just for Fun, Kids game. (Just a personal Opinion)

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    Mikep Guest


    i prefer NFS games cuz i think is better the history that those games have

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