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Thread: Gran Turismo 6: Last Chance to Score PS3 Pre-Order Bonuses

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    Gran Turismo 6: Last Chance to Score PS3 Pre-Order Bonuses

    Sony Product Manager Ken Chan reminded fans today that it is their last chance to score Gran Turismo 6 pre-order bonuses.

    To quote: Believe it or not, we are approximately one week away from the launch of Gran Turismo 6, and your window to take advantage of one of its pre-order offers is quickly coming to a close. Most of these items will not be offered through the PS Store after launch, so this is really your last chance.

    To help with your decision making, here's a breakdown of our pre-order offer:

    GameStop - 15th Anniversary Edition Upgrade
    Click here to pre-order

    Here's your last chance to get an automatic upgrade to the GT6 15th Anniversary Edition, equipped with the elite 25-Car Pack with unique performance and visual enhancements, as well as a set of custom paint chips, racing suits, helmets and PSN Avatars. This is a pre-order exclusive and not available anywhere else for purchase after December 6th so get it while supplies lasts.

    Amazon - 5-Car Pack + $1 Million In-Game Credit
    Click here to pre-order

    Want to customize and build your own dream Gran Turismo garage? We're confident a $1 Million In-Game Credit will help you do just that. In addition to getting the mentioned 5-Car pack, Amazon is offering our GT fans $1 Million In-Game Credit directly at start up, allowing you to buy, build, and race your own line-up of cars. Get a jump start in racing against your competitors online by reserving at Amazon.

    Participating Retailers - 5 Car Pack
    Click here to learn more

    For the purists that wants to start with a small upgrade, our participating retailers is offering the 5-Car Pack that includes the Tesla Model S Signature Performance '12, the Corvette Stingray C7 '14, Audi R8 LMS ultra, SRT Viper GTS, and the Nissan GT-R Nismo N24

    Digital Pre-Order (NEW) - 5-Car Pack + PS3 Theme

    Click here to pre-order

    Yes, the digital version is available for pre-order now, and you will get the same 5-Car pack + a dedicated GT6 PS3 Theme.

    For more info, check out

    Gran Turismo 6 Features Mario Andretti's First Love

    Every driver starts somewhere. Every driver starts with their first car - their First Love.

    All great racers started their journey to greatness with their first car. The car that made them realize their dream of becoming a professional race car driver.

    You ask any driver or car enthusiasts about their First Love, and I'm sure they can remember the smallest detail, down to the long hours spent tuning the car up before a drive, or the thousands of hard earned dollars spent in making it just a bit (or a lot) faster than what factory delivered. I'm sure each of you have your own story of a First Love, and we want to hear about it.

    For the legendary Mario Andretti, this is no different. He discovered his love and passion for racing after purchasing a beat up 1948 Hudson shell, which he and a group of friends hand-built, piece by piece, until it was ready to race two years later. The result of the project was ultimately the beginning of Mario Andretti's legendary racing career though Indy, Daytona, and Formula 1.

    To tell this story, we created a dedicated site experience for you to join others around the world to share your own first car memories, interact with special guests and other fans, and learn more about Mario Andretti's legacy.

    The story will be unveiled in three chapters, each specifically concentrating on telling Andretti's story, and how a beat up Hudson was the catalyst for his entire racing career. Additionally, follow the team from Polyphony as they rebuild the legendary Hudson and feature it as a playable experience in Gran Turismo 6.

    Take part in the live rebuild experience, where you can share your first love stories! Join us at

    Tune in to catch the three-part First Love documentary:

    Chapter 1 - The Mario Andretti Story (Available Now)
    Chapter 2 - Live Rebuild of the Hudson (Dec 2 - 7 @ 12pm - 8pm EST)
    Chapter 3 - Hudson Reunion with Andretti (Dec 16 @ 12am EST)

    Join our live Expert Q&A events that will feature special guests who will field your questions about cars, this Mario Andretti campaign and Gran Turismo 6.
    Tuesday, Dec. 3
    1pm - 2pm Pacific

    Discussion with renowned engine builder Larry Slutter and our experts
    Discussion with Larry on airbag innovation, decisions to use smaller wheels, suspensions/springs, etc.

    Join our guests:

    Andrew Comrie-Picard - Automotive Journalist
    Billy Hammon - Head Mechanic
    Larry Slutter - Engine Builder

    Wednesday, Dec. 4 and Thursday, Dec. 5
    1pm - 2pm Pacific

    GT6 experts discuss new features in GT6
    Q&A with users participating in the live feed

    Join our guests:

    Andrew Comrie-Picard - Automotive Journalist
    Billy Hammon - Head Mechanic
    Taku Imasaki - GT6 Producer

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    wish it was on ps4. i actually would have bought it then

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