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    Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition Hits PlayStation 3 This Month for $39.99

    Sony Associate Product Marketing Manager Brian Dunn has announced today that the Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition will be hitting PlayStation 3 this month for $39.99.

    To quote: I'm happy to announce Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition, a brand-new version of Gran Turismo 5 packed with even more features, functionality, and content.

    Here's what you can expect to find inside when it rolls out to stores starting January 17th:

    Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition Contents

    • Original Gran Turismo 5 game, featuring more than 1,000 cars, 20+ locations with 70+ track layouts, diverse racing styles including rally, track, karting, NASCAR, and more, deep online community features and online racing, plus Gran Turismo TV, Course Maker and more.

    • All of the new and improved features and functionality from all free downloadable game updates up through Spec 2.0 included on the disc.

    • Voucher good for over $20 worth of DLC content, including the Racing Car Pack, Car Pack 2, Course Pack, Racing Gear Pack, and Paint Pack.

    The XL Edition will also feature a new reversible inside coversheet featuring the new Red Bull X2011 supercar, to add a different look to your game library shelf.

    You'll be able to pick up the XL Edition of Gran Turismo 5 after January 17 for just $39.99. Watch the blog and the official GT website for more news about Gran Turismo, DLC, and new Gran Turismo TV content available exclusively within the game.

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    BBoy Chrif Guest
    My Best Racing Game.. (1997-2012-....) Many thanks for this news

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    Sonkilary Guest
    Finally the full version.

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    jesterking1 Guest
    Welp, I will be waiting for this to get cracked.

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    SKILOW Guest
    nice news!

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Funny how Gran Turismo 5 is like it's own game series now, lol. With Gran Turismo 5 prologue, then Gran Turismo 5 and now this game. Hopefully we will be able to use the GT5 original Eboot.bin file to make this game work when it's released.

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    Osirisx Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by BBoy Chrif View Post
    My Best Racing Game.. (1997-2012-....) Many thanks for this news
    nice to see just one reply thats not about wanting a pirated/cracked version.
    nice to see they didnt include stealth/chrome line cars in this updated version.

    but its a great bargain for all that extra DLC + the main game.

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