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Thread: Gran Turismo 5 Slated for Summer 2010, PS3 Demo Next Week

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    aznmunda88 Guest


    Hey guys,

    Man its good to see gt5 is almost out, i got my ps3 just for that reason and ive waited years for the game to come out, lol stupid me. Anyways yeah i did ask around quite a few game stores and it was supposed to come out this december and if i remember there was a date around 25th September and i did ask the big shops and they all said the same thing at pretty much the same time.

    I even looked around on the net and forums and if you look around carefully you'll quickly gather that gt5 was supposed to be out a loooong time ago. For reasons that i cant quite gather it was never released on time on these two occasions, these werent just rumors i promise you i went out to the game stores and i did ask around i swear it.

    Anyways i guess we will see what happens now, but im telling you that i wouldnt be the least bit suprised if it turns out to be delayed in the uk or we dont see it in a long time. Ive given up finding out the realease date now because im hurt and want to commit suicide lol.

    Ive waited for ages man how much longer?? ive had all the gt games and ive loved it from the beginning!!! Whats this demo thingy about is it a demo game where you can play it or is it a demonstration because there seem to be alot of demonstrations and leaked footage around on the net

    I almost forgot to tell you guys that my bro works in argos and its even on their catalouge, if you take a look at the following link you'll soon know what i mean:

    Also if you take a look at the gt5 cover pic and look to the bottom left side to it you will see this "We are sorry but this much anticipated game will no longer launch in 2009, It is expected to launch in March 2010" I mean whats this about!?

    This is what confirmed that this game was supposed to be released in 2009 and it expains the guys at the shops saying that there was a delay with this game at least 2 times!

    Also guys if you want spoilers here is a link, in this link theres a list of cars that you will/should be seeing:

    Thanks for reading guys

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    BeerBro Guest
    There was never a confirmed date of december 2009, only been rumors. Back at Tokyo Game Show a couple months ago, they officially announced the release date for Japan to be March 2010, with Europe and North America to follow shortly.

    The reason Europe and NA's release date hasn't been announced is mainly due to marketing reasons from SCEA, and SCEE. The game would be done by then, but its not Polyphony's decision for its release date.

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