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    Quote Originally Posted by GZA1984 View Post
    Oh man... first dec 2009, then march 2010 and now summer 2010.

    Oh well perhaps it's better that it won't come in march 2010 (for us) because GoW III + Final Fantasy XIII + GT5 would be overkill
    They said March for Japan and that hasn't changed to my knowledge. It was never Dec 09 officially

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saffar View Post
    I personally would get GT5 over dirt or nfs, because it combines/ has other racing modes.. such as nascar and rally racing.. plus there might be a head tracking feature implemented, where the ps3 eye would track your head.

    "The device will track a player’s head movements. The goal is for the depth-of-field focal point far down the track to shift, matching your head movement. What you look at will be appear more clearly, in theory. So as you look a little to the right, the right part of what you see beyond your car may come more sharply into focus. But the car itself won’t turn with your head, of course."
    Is that for real ?? Can't find anything about that feature

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    Quote Originally Posted by Einstein911 View Post
    What I believe is that this game is already going to be a relic from Sony. Since its inception in the year 2001-2002, Gran Turismo to offer a wide variety graph showing landscapes highly concentrated, a unique variety of race cars and beaten Realizm, ie may be a worthy rival of any real driving simulator without exclude none.
    It's been around longer than that. There were the first two GT games on the PS1, back in the late 90s.

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    Big Grin

    I'm glad to hear this game is finally get close to release, i've been waiting on it for quite some time.

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    the game is a "must have" game.
    • 1000+ cars
    • high def graphic

    and with the demo starts the GT Academy... uhhh this will be nice days!

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    I'd say best thing about the game is the massive list of cars and the ability to pick to continue from an old save of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.

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    I sure hope it's worth the wait.

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    I've been waiting for this game for awhile.. i cant wait to try the damage.

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    In my opinion, this game has to be perfect. We have all been waiting for so long now, and the release dates keep being postponed. Being a huge GT fan since the first part of the series, I hope for the best.

    I bought my ps3 in the hope of playing GT5 soon, and now it's been 3 years of waiting... Hopefully, this date is the final one.

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    Ahhhh! the GT5 finally geting closer to my ps3.. it was just building anticipation right from the launch of the ps3, with the GT HD concept (still in my ps3 lol), the demo from the prologue (from a jap psn acount), the GT5 prologue and now i´m ready for the real one

    It was a lot of waiting it needs to be prefect

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