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  1. #11
    msr Guest
    If it is too be released in 12 days time all over the world.

    What day do you guys think it was finished and sent of for pressing?

  2. #12
    mikerock98 Guest
    With the techonology we have today... man they could send it out today and still have 5,000,000 copies made by release date.

    But i'm assuming that the reason that sony released this info today... is because they probably started to ship to distributors today... I'd imagine there is a super long supply chain involved with releasing a game... this stuff doesnt get done overnight!

    Hoping to get a copy to play asap!

  3. #13
    Romualdpsp Guest

    Thumbs Up

    i love game gran turismo 100%.

  4. #14
    solrac1974 Guest
    Great news, bring it on! With fw 3.50 or whatever, we don't care!

  5. #15
    fisher42uk Guest
    Someone claiming they are uploading ps3 iso, i'm calling fake 42gb file.

  6. #16
    mikerock98 Guest
    the game photos look legit... i'm gonna try and d/l and if its great like all other GT's ill be purchasing it... i do love GT.

  7. #17
    LIL935 Guest
    yes, great news because it's the best game of the year!

  8. #18
    Mbb Guest
    yeah, I saw it also there..

  9. #19
    msr Guest
    It's a closed thread though.

  10. #20
    mikerock98 Guest
    Yeah, they closed it... i guess we all got our hopes up for nothing. i guess we can just wait till thanksgiving to junk out on gt5.

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