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    I think we need to hold our horses with GT5. Even Need for speed: Hot pursuit is unplayable at this moment, so i think that we jailbreakers are not able to play GT5 for some time. I bet that the protection of GT5 got changed the last time there was a delay for the game. Makes me want to buy a second ps3 for GT5 alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitsurain View Post
    initial install to HDD is 6.4 GB. Full dump size?
    The whole disc with multi language will be something around 40 GB's (rumors).

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    come on people lets not be pessimistics.

    We will be able to play gt5 as long as nfs hot pursuit very soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hazzyhaz View Post
    all 40gb's of this goodness will be on my hdd with no optional install anyway (HERE'S HOPING)
    LOL at the people with a 40GB PS3.

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    6.4 GB is nothing compared to other backps we have on our HDDs, and I have 500 GB waiting to be used for any game that needs internal installation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitsurain View Post
    initial install to HDD is 6.4 GB. Full dump size?
    Probably 4 years for make a game with 6.4 GB files

    But 40 minute for put the game on hard drive for dump Dirt1 6.2 GB 11 minutes so it's for destroy BD Drive ?

    It's not a full game install so SONY don't understand that gamer like

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    Fallout New Vegas has a non optional 4.6 gig install. So what?

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    one thing that irks me about backup managers is that you must perform certain ps3 data hdd installs in addition to ripping the game to the internal/external hdd

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    Quote Originally Posted by saar View Post
    Only installation may take longer time (but i don't think that HDD is slower than BD, even HDD to HDD copying). Launching and playing won't be slower. It will be even faster because HDD seeking is faster than BD.

    The only disadvantage is wasted HDD space. But if somebody want to reduce wasted space, then it's possible to delete original files from BD rip after installation. I've did it some time ago, and most games were working after this cleanup
    What I was trying to say is HDD Seek + BD Seek is ideal, using all of its available bandwidth. If you have it on a backup manager, and you install it to the HDD from in game, it will be loading the backup manager HDD data as well as the in-game install data, slowing things down significantly.

    HDD Seek + HDD Seek is slower, and more strenuous than HDD Seek alone.

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    I've noticed no loading performance loss even with forced hdd install rips compared to loading from bd.

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