While participating in an interview with Newsweek's N'Gai Croal, Tim Moss, the lead programmer for God of War 2, discussed the viability of 1080p and 60fps for any follow-up to God of War 2 on the PS3. During the launch event at the Sony PlayStation Store in San Francisco, the game's director Cory Barlog made comments about how a future GoW would be on the PS3, have SIXAXIS and rumble functionality, and be in 1080p. "Cory got a little carried away at the press conference/launch event," stated Moss. "I owe him a kick in the balls for that -- thanks for reminding me."

Moss went on to discuss his thoughts on turing the third God of War title into a technical gem:
I imagine we could make a game that worked at 60fps and 1080p but we might have to make some decisions about the gameplay that we wouldn't really want to live with in, order to achieve it. We are an ambitious team and everyone will be pushing very hard to make something spectacular for the 3rd game.
So, after stating there wasn't an official confirmation for a third game, he then goes on to say they'll be working for something "spectacular" for God of War 3? Yeah, Moss, don't think we can trust you fully on this 1080p matter.

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