By Mike Nelson 01/21/2007 The Godfather gave Electronic Arts a massive... well, a massive number of titles last year. Each incarnation added just a little more than the other, and the PSP game transformed into a turn-based strategy game. But, we still have two more consoles out there without a Godfather game, so EA is bringing The Godfather: Blackhand Edition to Wii and The Godfather: The Don's Edition to PS3 this March. Think of these as the Director's Cuts of the Xbox 360's Director's Cut: A few more missions, a few more effects, and all the same fun to be had.

Blackhand Edition has you using left and right punching movements with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to knock out enemies, which feels responsive. However, you can't furiously move your hands in the air to wail on your opponent -- your technique is hindered by the game's animations. Additionally, you can use the Wii Remote to shoot at different enemy hard-points like hands, legs, and head.

Click the image above to check out all The Godfather PS3 screens.

As for the Don's Edition, its highlights are not in the control scheme -- a slamming motion with the Sixaxis is about the extent of it -- but the PlayStation 3 hardware. Downloadable content will be available for some extra hits and missions, at a small cost of course, and there will be an online leaderboard to track some of the various challenges like Road Rage, Killing Spree and Safe Cracker.

Both versions will offer a new mission tree -- allowing you to follow the path of Enforcer or Operator, each offering their own contract hits and side-missions -- in addition to the story mode. You will also be able to talk with more characters in the environment while uncovering extra missions, take down two revised compounds, pull five new contract hits, and call in larger Corleone Hit Squads -- up to five goons total. In our time with the game, we were most impressed by the larger rooftop battles, where we were ducking for cover and putting down a few shots on the thugs above us.

We've heard whispers about a The Godfather 2 in development that will likely bring the next major changes for the series, so it should be interesting to see how gamers take to these latest updates when they ship in March.

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