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    that's what i call a WAR-MACHINE. This statement will be proven right in about a year and a half from now...

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    Pretty soon Wii developers wont have a choice but develope for 360 or PS3. There has been alot of talk about the sales of wii dropping and developers have to go where the market takes them. Unfortunately those developers that make generic games for the wii might not have a home with these two consoles. Maybe in the PSN games...who knows.

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    Wii developers are going to develpefor PS3 with the introduction of Move!

    For GOW3... don't really mind that it only uses 6o%...

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    gravesg i agree with you , that engine is gonna be very sucessfull in the future of gaming.

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    i call this PR BS

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    Games always look better and better as you get further into the consoles lifecycle. (Just look at resi 4 on gamecube compared to a launch game).

    It is just more severe on ps3 because the devs have to work out how to use the cell processor.

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    I remember Valkyrie Profile 2: Sylmeria on PS2 and it was frigging awesome!

    So, it's common better graphics till the end of lifecycle.

    Guess, a lot of people liked the article i digged

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    I think more developers means more crap to sort through to find good games, not more people giving more ideas for better games.

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    This is their first release on the PS3 and they had to build new engines from the ground, up. They will expand as they get more acquainted with developing games for the PS3, GOW 3 looks to be hype no matter how much of the systems power it uses, this only means future GOW tittles may be more advanced.

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