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    God of War III PS3 Special on SPIKE TV & Midnight Launch Events

    SCEA PR Manager Eric Levine has announced that a God of War III PS3 special will be on SPIKE TV tonight alongside midnight launch event details, as follows:

    At 12:00 a.m. tonight, Kratos will be invading a retailer near you as the widely anticipated God of War III will be hitting store shelves!

    For those looking to channel your inner Spartan warrior, check out GTTV Presents God of War III: Last Titan Standing on SPIKE TV at 11:38 p.m.

    In this 30 minute special, action adventure comes to life as 10 of the biggest God of War fans in America get pushed to the limits, both mentally and physically.

    These die-hard disciples of Kratos must shave their heads on the spot to show their allegiance, climb out of the underworld, and know their God of War trivia, as asked by game director Stig Asmussen.

    And, above all else, prove their physical strength across epic challenges and gameplay ability in a battle against Hades from God of War III. In the end, only one titan will be left standing - the one who best embodies the characteristics of Kratos, the God of War.

    Here's a look at the promo...

    Here's a look at the custom Kratos PS3 that the winner will be receiving... not bad!

    And for those of you looking to be the first to get your hands on a copy of God of War III, we've teamed up with GameStop to host Midnight Launch Events at locations all around the country.

    Tonight, more than 3,500 stores nationwide will be welcoming Kratos faithful with various contests, challenges, and giveaways. Most participating GameStop locations will open at 10:00 p.m. local time, however, consumers should contact their local store to confirm the exact time of the event as they may vary by location.

    GameCrazy and Best Buy are also holding midnight launch events. Click the corresponding links to find the nearest location.

    Below are store GameStop addresses in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York to get you started. To learn more about events near you, visit a local GameStop store or go to

    In the End, There Will Be Only Chaos.

    Los Angeles
    (323) 845-9685

    San Francisco
    (415) 362-7601

    New York City
    1282 BROADWAY
    NEW YORK, NY 10001
    (212) 967-9070

    God of War III PS3 Special on SPIKE TV & Midnight Launch Events

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    I'll pick you up tomorrow Kratos!

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    god 3 is sold in Greece since yesterday and it's freaking great!

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    God of War III PS3 Special on SPIKE TV & Midnight Launch Events-vol99j-jpg

    Mine arrived this morning.

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    I picked it up this morning!!

    I live in a smaller area so there are no stores that launch at midnight, It's just the regular copy but i'm still happy with it.

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    If anybody want's and don't want to wait for scene release:

    GoW 3 OST @ 128kbps

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