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Thread: God of War III for PS3 - Replayability Without Online Functionality

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    God of War III for PS3 - Replayability Without Online Functionality

    It's been drummed down our ears - God of War III will be a single player only experience, and from day one Santa Monica Studios made it clear that the game will have no online functionality.

    Surely the re-playability of one of Sony's biggest titles is key, and with that thought in mind below are some ideas for GoW3, as follows:

    Including a mode into God of War III were the player can battle through ever increasing waves of various enemies in a section of the game world that they choose, much like the 'horde mode' in Gears of War 2.

    Picture it - epic battles between Kratos and increasingly difficult A.I controlled enemies. The mode could start out with grunt enemies(dogs, skeletons) and as the player proceeds through the levels, infamous Greek mythology bad guys such as the Centaur and Chimeras become your staple enemies leading you up to even more ferocious beasts.

    One must also consider if some sort of online ranking system can be established, with users being able to check who has spilled the most blood in the mode. I know what you're thinking, an "online ranking system?" surely that counts as "online functionality" which the developers have stated they have no need for, however stuff like that should be fairly easy to set up and isn't really much hassle.

    I've been in touch with the Santa Monica PR/info department and as you can see from the e-mail snapshot (below), their reply was "I'm sorry but we cannot provide an answer to that question." Not much I know, but hey they didn't deny/debunk the idea either.

    I'm not saying that God of War III cannot be a single player only experience for $60, the game is going to be worth every penny you pay for it, however just being able to experience what is going to be the last of this epic story for even longer would surely be greatly appreciated.

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    [imglink=|God of War III for PS3 - Replayability Without Online Functionality][/imglink]
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    xxLindenxx Guest
    hmmm that's not a bad theory at all. I'm pretty sure there going to have some sort of extra to prolong the game and like you said, online ranking is really easy to set up, there's one in a lot of small flash games.

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    Valauliver Guest
    Your looking at this from a player point of view only. If you don't like something in a game look at it from a design point of view you'll find that it is a good idea just doesn't suit you that's all.

    Right, many people think in this current generation of video games that every game MUST HAVE an online multi-player mode. That's just silly, some games can be made to work with multi-player and some can't, God of War being one of them. Its all about the story of the game and its mechanics.

    Take Call of Jaurez: Bound in Blood for example. It has an amazing single player I loved it, but the online multi-player is just pure crap, it was just thrown in because 'every game this generation must have a multi-player'.

    The only multi-player that would work well with God of War would be offline/online co-op through the story.

    Seriously multi-player like that would just be really dumb. God of War is like a book and a film except YOU are in control of the character, you don't get any extra random parts in a book or a film do you? (Except for deleted scenes and commentaries).

    Think of God of War like a trilogy like Lord of the Rings, adding random bits in like that would just ruin the feel of the game.

    Also things like that have been done so often if they were to come up with some multi-player I'd hope they came up with something original that works great with a game like God of War only.

    But hey this is just my opinion ^_^

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    maxpwer222 Guest
    I tend to agree with the above poster. There is a new generation of gamer today that thinks everything needs multi-player to extend replay value of a game. This is simply not true. How did they do it before the internet?

    At the same time, multiplayer is not something that is hard to implement. It does require servers, maintenance, etc, but it is not hard or anything new.

    The one game I have played the most is Suikoden II. This is because it is a Great game and has an immense amount of replay value imo. I may be an old dinosaur in terms of not needing online-gaming, but I personally find that most games could not stand on their own without it. That is what bothers me.

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    ProSkillz21 Guest
    I know its not going to happen, but it would be cool if you could join up with some buddies and play the campaign or probably a separate campaign as kratos or a normal soldier, or you get a little wall or whatever to defend and you have to defend it for as long as possible, probably as normal soldiers. (referring to archers and sword enemies found in game).

    Then if you get a certain amount of points you could buy the blades of chaos if you were a soldier or the bow from the second as an archer or switch classes possibly.

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