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    Apr 2005

    God of War III PS3 Info Drought Ends, Details & Pictures Arrive

    Sony's Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein has announced that the God of War III PS3 information drought is officially over, and shared some additional GoW III (rumored to be released on March 19, 2010) details and pictures today.

    To quote: It's not often that buzz builds behind a news embargo, but judging by comments on the Blog, it seems a lot of you have been looking forward to hearing more about God of War III today.

    I'm happy to report that with the release of these screens and impressions of the game from last month's New York preview event, you'll be seeing GoW III updates much more frequently.

    Back to last months' event, we've been dying to share what we saw since we first laid eyes on this Titan-riding, boss-fighting segment of the game.

    If the wait until God of War III's March release seems unbearable, I'm right there with you. We're almost there, and we have MAG, White Knight Chronicles, and Heavy Rain to tide us over until then.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Dreamcatcher Guest
    oh!! the visuals look so yummy, can't wait to get my hands on this!

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    Okiri Guest
    I only have to say: "OH DIOS!!" which means Oh GOD! i'm so buying this game, look at those visuals!!!

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    Surfaced Guest
    This is so awesome that I can't even tell whats going on. Just too epic for my mortal mind to comprehend.

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    gravesg Guest
    just for the record dev says its NATIVE 720P .. and has SUPPORT for 1080P ... i honestly don't know what support means, but im guessing its not native 1080P 60fps ... but 720p 60fps is yummy guys

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    Just wow looks so great I want that game!

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    Pretikewl Guest
    I really hope it's 1080p. I hate how almost all games these days are just 720.

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    wamerocity Guest
    It will be scaled to 1080p. The PS3 does have a scalar chip- although its not well advertised. The PS3 and X360 aren't powerful enough and don't have the memory sufficient for the textures and shaders needed to pump this game at 1080p while maintaining 60 fps (Try playing any modern game on your PC with 512MB memory). That won't happen until the next gen consoles.

    And frankly, it was smart of them not to do so, considering only half of consoles are hooked up to an HDTV, 720p is a good compromise. I would love to see higher visuals too, but those thins also come at a cost. If they follow the pattern of the last few cycles, next gen games are going to cost 70$ because of the increased production time required to give games that level of detail/effects. I'm satisfied with what I've got for now.

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    SiZMiK Guest
    Thats proper eye candy right there. I can't wait to play this.
    Quote Originally Posted by Pretikewl View Post
    I really hope it's 1080p. I hate how almost all games these days are just 720.
    Uncharted 2 isnt half bad for a 720p game. Just shows 1080p is not always needed.

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    dondolo Guest
    do we know wich languages there will be in each disk?

    i made an example for pes 2010 they split english-greek-russian { i believe} and some other languages, italian-spanish-french etcetera.

    now, i love konami but i don't understand why the same game with the same features {excluding speakers langages} should cost 30€ in UK and 70€ in italy

    so, do we know wick language will be contained in the dvd and how many releases the will sell?

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