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    God of War III PS3 Demo to Be Included on District 9 Blu-ray Disc

    Included on the District 9 Blu-ray disc available on December 29th, Sony has added a PS3 demo for God of War III for those who don't plan to check out the God of War III PS3 Demo on PSN.

    Also included on the Blu-ray disc is a "Making of God of War III" video that becomes available once gamers complete the demo in its entirety.

    To quote: "The Blu-Ray release of District 9, due December 29 (a bit later than the God of War Collection), will include a playable demo of God of War 3. Once you've played through the demo, a making-of featurette will be unlocked (for the game, not the movie).

    While District 9 and God of War 3 are united in that they're both things that people presumably want to see, it strikes us as odd that this rather random collection is the first Blu-ray/game demo pairing for SCEA. The Watchmen movie and game actually related to one another in some way, and they came on separate discs."

    God of War III PS3 Demo to Be Included on District 9 Blu-ray Disc

    God of War III PS3 Demo to Be Included on District 9 Blu-ray Disc

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    yes I also think this is a very odd couple. While I wouldnt mind not having to download the GOW demo i hope it doesnt take up space meant for district 9 extras.

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    It is great how they are sticking demo's on bluray discs now, it would of been better if they stuck game demo's that are not on the PSN then more people might probably buy the film.

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    very interesting. It might encourage me to pick certain Blu-Rays...
    I like the idea of not having to download demo's and if it is a movie I was going to watch anyhow then I win. I like the idea.

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