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Thread: God of War III at E3 '09: Footage, Motion Control to be Revealed

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    hunter316 Guest

    God of War III at E3 '09: Footage, Motion Control to be Revealed

    It's no secret that Kratos will grace this year's E3 with his presence. Already, Sony's even made an announcement about an announcement: they'll be revealing God of War III's release date during the event. But what else will we get to see (or hear) about Kratos' trek up Olympus?

    According to The Bitbag (linked above), we'll get lots of footage and more details - especially about controls. Says one Torrence Davis, to quote:

    An insider at Sony has not only confirmed that there will be tons of God Of War 3 footage at E3, but also hinted that Sony fans will be getting some motion controls very soon.

    While the footage part is to be expected, what gives me pause here is the bit about motion control. Back in February, it was revealed that the dev team at SCE Santa Monica said they didn't want to put in tilt-sensing controls because they couldn't figure out a way to incorporate it seamlessly. Doing so would have made it look "forced or gimmicky."

    Ah well, whatever the case is, E3 is just around the corner now. We'll find out for sure come early June.

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    chris2k7sears Guest
    i cannot wait for GoW3, i saw some footage of it on youtube when it was at GDC and it looked amazing.

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    Sharpsp Guest
    GOW 1 and 2 are really amazing games.. i cant wait to play the third part

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    Reaper09 Guest
    gow 3 could be one of the best games for the ps3 hopefully

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    Murdox Guest
    I've played the 1 and 2 GoW, and i enjoyed very much. It's a wonderful game.
    The end of the GoW 2 is the best.

    I'm waiting for the third part

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