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    screw cross chat and stuff this is what we need to be getting more often. I'm lucky having the 60GB and still owning 1 and 2, but to have them upscaled ect.. going to be a happy christmas this year

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    This is a great idea, I will definitely buy this, I've never played GoW2 before.

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    Im a bit gutted to be honest, Once again europe gets screwed over! Sadly this has been confirmed to not be getting an EU launch this year. These are 2 cracking games that everyone should buy, The sweetener for me is trophy support and I reckon they are gonna be damn tough!

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    Looks like I can get rid of my ps2 versions

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    Man this is great!! these are the only remaining PS2 games I have and they don't work on my slim. This collection will supersede previous releases... YEAH-YUH

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