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    God of War: Ascension Legacy Bundle Includes Garnet Red PS3

    Sony Associate Brand Marketing Hardware Manager Crystal MacKenzie has unveiled a God of War: Ascension Legacy bundle today which includes a Garnet Red PS3!

    Below are the details, to quote: We have some exciting news, fellow Spartans! In celebration of God of War: Ascension hitting stores March 12th and to commemorate one of our most popular and epic franchises, we're releasing a limited edition God of War: Ascension Legacy Bundle for our die-hard fans!

    For $349 (MSRP), this bundle comes complete with a 500GB Garnet Red PlayStation 3 system, the entire God of War storyline including God of War: Ascension and God of War Saga (which includes all five of the previous games from the franchise) and a 30-day PlayStation Plus trial membership. You can get your hands on this collector's bundle when it hits stores on March 12th.

    The Limited Edition God of War: Ascension Legacy Bundle is a must-have for series fans. You can experience Kratos' epic story with a stunning Garnet Red PS3 system, whose color is inspired by Kratos' signature tattoo. The 500GB of storage is perfect for all of your games, movies, music, photos and more.

    The complete God of War game collection allows fans to relive their favorite series moments with the God of War Saga, which includes God of War, God of War II, God of War III, and God of War: Origins Collection, comprised of God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

    The collection also includes God of War: Ascension, the newest addition to the franchise and a prequel story that introduces fans to a Kratos they've never known before. Ascension boasts a host of enhancements to the single-player experience, with new gameplay mechanics and combat systems, and also offers the franchise's very first multiplayer experience.

    Let us know what you think of this bundle in the comments below. Will you be picking it up?

    *This article was updated on January 31st to clarify the price of the bundle ($349).

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    BerserkLeon Guest
    Red's not really my style, but it's good to know another LE ps3 is coming to the US. I noticed in my mail from my JP PSN account they mentioned an Azurite blue PS3, which I hope will also come to the states.

    Maybe if a way to mod the 3/4k models shows up I'll grab a azurite one if they come to the states.. If I were to import one it would be the Ni no Kuni Gold ps3 instead...

    I've noticed in other countries they've released the Vita in "Ruby Red" and "Sapphire Blue" and are planning on making an "Ice Silver" one as well.. have any of those been mentioned for the US?

    Red Vita's called "Cosmic Red", sorry.

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