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    Starlight Guest

    God of War 3 to Surpass Killzone 2 for PS3 Graphics

    PlayStation 3 has certainly kicked it up to high gear in the graphics department this year. First party titles have torn the eyes out of gamer's sockets and fed them back in high definition glory.

    Just as soon Sony's Killzone 2 had begun to set a new high water benchmark for console graphics, the gurus over at the Official PlayStation Magazine announced that Sony's killer exclusive; God of War III, will be technically "leaps and bounds beyond anything the PS3 has seen to date."

    If that wasn't enough to tent the dungarees of Sony Fanboys across the world, we can add this juicy statement to a long line of exclamations extolling the virtues of Kratos' third and final entry into the award-winning franchise.

    Sony Computer Entertainment has previously announced that God of War 3 will use a custom game engine that delivers four times the texture resolution of its predecessor. Industry veteran David Jaffe put his huge walrus balls on the line, exclaiming that God of War III looks 25%-30% better than the HD trailer, stating: "It happened to blow me away and remains the best looking console game I've ever seen."

    God of War III, unlike Killzone 2, has a much better lineage than Sony's FPS. Sony however, delivered in spades and gave PS3 owners a title that not only lived up to the hype that surrounded it, but surpassed it.

    With a 120-page script, God of War III will run at full 1080p HD resolution, and the game will support Sixaxis tilt and vibration functions. It seems when it comes to graphics front in the console war, the PS3's vengeance is everything.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    ernvil Guest
    ARghhh Im so excited for this game. So are my friends that happen to only own an Xbox 360

    They even offered to swap their 360's for my Ps3 so they could play this!

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    ultrachez Guest
    Not sure if everyone has heard. There is a survey up online for the collectors edition of GOWIII. personally, I would like them to include GOWI and GOWII. along with the game disc. T-shirt or key ring will be awesome.

    I am pretty excited about this game.

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    gygabyte666 Guest

    Thumbs Down Not again...

    Ugh, not another one. Don't get me wrong. I love the GOW series but is this really important? Who cares? The game devs need to STOP emphasizing so much on graphics!!! I want a game with amazing gameplay, fun-factor and decent replay value. Good graphics would be just a nice bonus. I wouldn't mind great graphics at all if every dev would focus on the other stuff too but they usually don't. They totally forget or purposely leave other important things out just to focus on the graphics top priority. I don't need them to make sure that everything looks 'perfect' down to the last detail.

    I use to believe that people played games for the same reasons as me, but i'm beginning to think otherwise. I play video games to do things that I CAN'T do or get away with in real life. Why is it that we suddenly need it to look like real life now too? Games are our escape from the crap in life, I don't want it to look real enough to remind me of it.

    Sorry if I sound like such a downer but its annoying that so many titles get ruined b/c all the devs think that matter now is great graphics. Another thing that should have never came to gaming and should go away ASAP is, those DAMN trophies/achievements. They are simply a cheap ass excuse for game devs to avoid having to make a game have a good replay value. What a waste of time and resources. Those are not the things on my list.

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    D3M0N2009 Guest
    +1 gygabyte666,

    100% correct, dev's need to focus more on gameplay than on graphics, just look at GTA 4 it seems as if the developers spent more time making it similar to real life than actually improving gameplay. I don't want a phone call every five minutes from my cousin asking me to go somewhere with him, I also don't want my car to go into a freaking wall when I try to turn into a street.

    Wake up developers go back to your roots i.e. PS1 & PS2, sure graphics weren't all that great but atleast the games where fun!!!

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    sharks Guest

    I knew this would come out from the developer sometime soon!

    I don't care what people say. If you want mediocre graphics and fun play, just get a Wii. It's got all the casual fun you want and you can even hop or do crazy things physically while scoring points.

    Anyway, PS3 spells next-gen gaming, and for some of you (a small minority with no sense of the future, stuck in your own little bubble of hate) who didn't have to sacrifice a lot to finally get an HDTV to go along nicely with the PS3, then you are totally out of your league here claiming that graphics isn't what games should be about. The first reason i bought a PS3 and not a PS2 (games still coming out on all the time on this one) was for the graphics which is the DIFFERENCE between the PS3 and other consoles. That's the whole crucial point you graphics-haters seem to miss. Killzone 2 minus the graphics would definitely not have had the same amount of worldwide success. The same goes for God of War 1 & 2 on the PS2 - these are easily the best looking game on the PS2, which explains their tremendous success in both cases.

    @gygabyte666 & co. If you need to escape from the crap in life, you need help, not a PS3.

    Back to the topic in discussion, for people with no life/gaming inferiority complex, the gameplay graphics did not look evolutionarily stunning in the trailer released some months ago, for a game of this gigantic magnitude, so if the developer is claiming it's going to be 25-30%, then all the better. I know, like everyone else who's been following the GoW news, that Sony isn't taking any chances with this title and it's going to be somewhat the messiah of the PS3 and the last effortless push to all undecided or other console fan boys with enough sense left to realize what they would be missing.

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    kenjovani Guest

    I agree

    I agree with the above mentioned statement of getting a wii if you just want to have fun and look at mediocre graphics or better yet a ps2 which has tons of games with decent graphics and gameplay. A lot of people talk nonsense as if a game needs to suffer graphically in order for gameplay to be good, well think again bozos prime example killzone 2 everyone doubted, everyone wondered and many thought it couldnt done, well as many others i am a testament to the graphical powerhouse that killzone2 is and beyond that the great gameplay that it has and the huge fun factor.

    I play this game every single day at least for 2 hours (bcus i do work) and honestly it amazes me everytime. So cut it out with gameplay having to suffer bcus of focus on graphics this isnt the wii and this isnt the xbox this is the behemoth of the ps3 that is here to push new limits in all arenas of gaming.

    Gaming is not just gameplay but also gaphics amongst other things and i love a game that i can have fun with but atthe same time stare in awe at the graphics which actually makes a game more fun. Ps3 did with killzone 2 and im sure with thee amount of attention GOW3 is getting it they will succeed again i no longer doubt those boasts they make bcus they back them up.

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    Rocky5 Guest
    Till i see hard evidence of this game in action not a trailer or screenshots as these are touched up i didnt think killzones graphics were that good i was disappointed when i seen it in action its looks good but its no where as good as they hyped it up to be so till i see some in game action and movie CG graphics i am not convinced and also its not all about graphics its a bout game play one example PES 09 what a load of crap looks nice but PES5 gameplay is far superior and that is why i still play it to date.

    you can still have the best looking game but still be utter crap its all about gameplay.

    Good Game = great gameplay (Graphics should be descent but not essential.)
    Bad Game = bad gamplay

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    hellospaceboy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Rocky5 View Post
    Till i see hard evidence of this game in action not a trailer or screenshots as these are touched up i didnt think killzones graphics were that good i was disappointed when i seen it in action its looks good but its no where as good as they hyped it up to be so till i see some in game action and movie CG graphics i am not convinced and also its not all about graphics its a bout game play

    you can still have the best looking game but still be utter crap its all about gameplay.
    Seems as God of War will be using almost 100% of the GPU then i'm certain the graphics will surpass Killzone 2, especially because the Santa Monica 1st party dev team always deliver what they say they're making.

    If you want proof of a good game with amazing graphics wait for Final Fantasy XIII, unless it is toned down to match the xbox 360 port, which practically has to be a bad port because of limitations.

    Uncharted used 40% of the PS3's power, and Killzone only uses 60% so think of the results with 100% of the power, and at the end of the year, it will be the first time developers are fully using the gpu and cpu to their advantages.

    Uncharted 2 is confirmed as going to be using 90%-100% of the PS3's power, Final Fantasy XIII will be, God of War 3 will be. You need to stop having a fanboy attude towards the 360, it has some good titles, but none will compared to the three games mentioned, and that is not being a fanboy, it's factual evidence (no offence).

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    feruzali Guest
    is there any screenshots or trailers on the net yet for god of war 3 or the new ff that show just how gorgeous these games are gonna get?

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