The first rule of Killzone is: you kill the guys with red eyes. The second rule of Killzone is: you KILL the guys with red eyes! The premise is low maintenance, but Killzone 2 packs a lot of baggage.

From its conspicuous debut to subsequent years of shrouded development to a confident early review strategy, it's been a long journey for the shooter-that-should, which finally arrives at its retail destination on Friday.

PS3 Retail
- Killzone 2 [USA] $59.99 FRI
- Shellshock 2: Blood Trails [USA] $39.99 TUE
- Suzuki TT Superbikes (PS2) [USA] $14.99 TUE
- 50 Cent Blood on The Sand [USA] $59.99 TUE
- Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock (game only) [PAL] 49.99 FRI
- Killzone 2 [PAL] 49.99 FRI
- Silent Hill: Homecoming [PAL] 49.99 FRI
- 80 GB PS3 console with Killzone 2 [PAL] 299.99 FRI

PSN Games

PSN Demos

- Prince of Persia: Epilogue [USA/PAL] TBA THU
- Rock Band [USA/PAL] varies THU

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