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Thread: Ghostbusters PS3 Patch Fix Update Available Within Two Weeks

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    Ghostbusters PS3 Patch Fix Update Available Within Two Weeks

    Today AceSoloMcCloud shared some news on the official EU PlayStation boards (linked above) that a Ghostbusters PS3 patch fix update will arrive within the next two weeks.

    Issues to be addressed are freezes and lockups present that are so bad that a gamer must power off their PS3 by the rear rocker switch. Glitched PS3 Trophies and errors when players from Europe and Australia try to play with players from the US and gamesave data not loading or corrupting are also on the list.

    To quote: "I understand from your correspondence that you have encountered some issues with this title. As the title's publisher, we have been made aware of some issues that are currently affecting a very small number of users.

    I can advise that the developer of this title, Atari, are currently working on a patch to address these issues which we expect to be available within the next two weeks."

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    the wire Guest
    Good news, might be worth a playthrough then

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    lonix81 Guest
    i wonder if they can fix the textures and the native resolution problems as well feels like i got ripped off

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