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    PS3 Square Button gFTP Connection Trouble

    I'm not sure why but I'm having trouble connecting my PS3 to my PC via FTP. I'm running the latest build of Yellow Dog Linux and installed the latest build of gFTP. The FTP server is setup on the PC in my room and the PS3 is wired to the router and sitting next to the PC.

    Now, I'm trying to FTP over a Blu-Ray disc image I dumped to my PC but, can't do that if I can't connect to it. The server is connectable, I know that for sure. I've tested other PCs in the house and connected to it via LAN IP and WAN IP, both work fine. I had a friend test the connection as well to make sure it was working outside my network and that was fine too. So, I'm quite baffled that the PS3 can't connect to it at all.

    I'm using a wired connection on my PS3, firmware v1.80. I can connect to HTTP and FTP sites fine.

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    Have you tried FTP'ing to the WAN IP address of your PS3 like your friend did? When you setup linux networking did you specify the router address as your DNS or your ISP provided one?
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    The server is setup on my PC, not my PS3. I'm trying to connect my PS3 to my PCs FTP server.

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    Ah ok....sorry misread.

    Look at using Samba to share files from the PS3. Or give your PS3 access to the PC drive and ftp from PS3 to PC.

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