Licensed soundtracks got a real kick in the rear from the last generation of Grand Theft Auto games, but to many, the real highlight of those blockbusters' audio offerings were the fictional talk radio stations. With their wacky hosts, hilarious commercials, and agitated callers, the talk radio programming added another coat of real-world polish to those massive entries.

Want to have a hand in the next (potentially) great GTA radio station? Rockstar Games has launched the official website for the presumably ultra-conservative WKTT (We Know the Truth) Talk Radio, one of the stations to be featured in the forthcoming Grand Theft Auto IV. According to the website, "It's time for you to do your part in the war on terror -- by calling a radio station and ranting at the top of your lungs about how awful peaceful people are and how we should kill everyone."

Those hoping to get their voices into the game can call 212-360-2368 and leave a voicemail response to one of the following queries:

  • What's wrong with your health?
  • What's wrong with the world?
  • What's wrong with America?What's wrong with you?

Check out the official instructions before placing your call, and be sure to read the promotion terms and conditions before committing the irrevocable rights to your voice to Rockstar.

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