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Thread: Get a Custom inFAMOUS PS3 Poster from 7-Eleven Stores

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    Get a Custom inFAMOUS PS3 Poster from 7-Eleven Stores

    SCEA Marketing Manager Asad Qizilbash has blogged today that a custom inFAMOUS PS3 poster will be available from select 7-Eleven Stores which carry the inFAMOUS game.

    To quote: We're electrifying 7-Eleven stores this month with an inFAMOUS promotion. If you pick up a copy of inFAMOUS and a PlayStation Network giftcard at 7-Eleven, you'll recieve this poster (below) custom designed by Destroy & Rebuild exclusively for inFAMOUS and featured in-game.

    Destroy and Rebuild is a Brooklyn based collective centered around four graffiti artists instrumental in inspiring the current generation of street artists. At the heart of the collective is legendary graffiti artist, Mike "2ESAE" Bacca, who was featuring in 2008's groundbreaking documentary, Bomb It. Check out their other pieces here.

    Please note that the promotion is U.S. only and at select 7-Eleven stores that carry the inFAMOUS game. To find your local 7-Eleven, click here.

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    BigRon3400 Guest


    Looks cool. I want it.

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    sorceror Guest

    Bonus experiments?

    It kinda looks like Sucker Punch and/or Sony are experimenting to see what kind of bonuses drive the most sales. They had three different pre-order bonuses for different retailers (GW blades for Gamestop, Home costume for Amazon, early demo access for Best Buy), and now an exclusive poster for 7-11.

    Either they'll keep doing that (and set up bidding wars between retailers for the 'best' bonuses) or they'll figure out what works the best and give up on the other bonuses.

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    Tcraw Guest
    The poster looks real cool. I might go pick up a psn card so i can get it

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