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    zeroryu Guest

    German Amazon Lists PS3 Slim, Evidence It's Coming Soon?

    I believe this will lead us to a very happy moment or very sad one. It all depends whether you are living in Germany or not.

    Rumor said that German Amazon got this item so-called PlayStation 3 Konsole Slim (PS3 Slim) uploaded to their site.

    I wish this will be updated soon with a box art and more information.

    Anyway, I'm glad Kotaku mentioned this news. We'll see the truth around August 18th.

    To quote: Earlier this May, supposed "leaked" photos from a Chinese plant showed what's reported to be the PS3 Slim. The German Amazon site now has a listing for "PlayStation 3 Konsole slim".

    Googling the product code number does not show anything else but this listing on Amazon.de.

    Retailer listings of unannounced products are always fishy. Ditto for this.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    This is definitely some more ammo to confirm it IS coming in my opinion... Thanks for sharing this news zeroryu and +Rep!

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    Zoddi Guest
    actually i think it will come because of that many sources coming out.

    That price reduction will do good things too.

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    zeroryu Guest
    Price reduction will do good thing for Sony, not us. It will clear their old stocks, and on to the new one. However, i might say that the slim one might have some surprise for us. Especially the Patent of the new technology which allow PS3 to backward compatible.

    I'm hoping (finger crossed) to make that patent available to all PS3. I really dont want to sell my ps3 and get the new ones. it has too much memory, pain, and sweat that i spent to get it.

    However, i will expect new firmware in the coming weeks with the new PS3 coming to states for us to enjoy.

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    Preceptor Guest
    Hmmmm That's odd... If I'm not wrong, even if the ps3 slim came out and got sold in Amazon, sony would never call it PS3 Slim as they didn't officially call PS2 Slim ether...

    Am I mistaken?

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    mihaiolimpiu Guest

    Another idea!

    I just think at another strategy... What about the PHAT (all models) to include BC trough software (You all know this is possible - as my PS2 60 GB PAL can do that with no problems) and the new slim to be exactly how the 80 GB model is now!??! pretty cool isn't it??

    This way they will not be pressured to lower the price to the old models... but only on the new slims, and people will actually have a choice when buying them... Do I buy the BIG SHINY UBERCOOLER FAT one or the itsy bitsy slim that does not have all those features?!?!

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    tragedy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by zeroryu View Post
    Rumor said that German Amazon
    Sadly, this is no confirmation of the PS3 slim at all. "Melden Sie sich an, um per E-Mail benachrichtigt zu werden, wenn dieser Artikel verfügbar ist." simply means "sign up to be notified when this item becomes available".

    So, it's no different to any of the random holding pages Amazon creates for things that don't exist but they perceive there to be interest for, e.g. West Wing blu-ray which has never been announced yet has had an amazon holding page for at least a year.

    So, basically maybe there is or isn't a PS3 slim, but I don't think this is evidence for it... Sorry.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Still, if Sony has cut their PS3 costs by 70% and all the other sources (IGN to GameTrailers to 1Up and so on) have been hinting at it (plus the leaked pics, video, box) the only ones who don't want to let on a PS3 Slim is coming at this point is Sony so they can sell their old stock.

    The big question is... when a PS3 Slim comes, do I buy one?

    The advantage of getting one (for me) would be to keep my original PS3 at 1.10 FW while I could update the Slim's if I wanted, plus I'd have a "launch day" Slim in case Sony further strips down things from it in the future.

    Obviously the disadvantage would be coughing up another $299 or whatever it will cost though, still... I just might. It's not like I can't sell my 60GB fat PS3 down the road, it even has PS2 backwards compatibility support.

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    sephiroth25 Guest
    amazon have added a picture of ps3 slim: http://www.amazon.de/Sony-PlayStatio...dp/B002JM1GPU/

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    zeroryu Guest
    I just posted that news. Darn... you are faster than me by half an hour. However, i'm excited to see it happening in amazon.com real soon.

    I hope they will release the product info soon, so we can see what's inside the Slim.

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