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In PSP news tonight, we have some new file releases to share as follows: PSX2PSP PopStation KS GUI Mod v0.6.2 For PSP, 2.71 SE-B Overclocking Module v0.5 For PSP, GameShark To CWCheat Code Formatter v0.4 For PSP, PSPTool v2.02 With PopStation GUI For PSP, and PSX GameSaves With PS2 MemoryCard For PopStation For PSP.

Recently Gentoo Linux (usable on PS3) was released, and those interested can grab the LiveCD iSO [livecd-ppc64-beta.iso, MD5: c9cfe5cef68e421591ed855d61c201fe] (or from one of the mirrors in /experimental/ppc64/livecd/ or similar) to check out! The image contains a full Gnome desktop as well as Firefox-2x (Bon Echo), Audacious, Xchat, Gaim, Evolution, Gimp-2, and soon Thunderbird is said to be added in the near future. For PS3 users, the LiveCD contains a kboot.conf file which should allow you to boot the LiveCD. Choose the label that most closely matches your TV's resolution. This is an area where future enhancements are planned. Finally, sound should be functional, however, you'll need to unmute the master channel with the alsa-mixer application.

In related PS3 Linux news, if you haven't done so yet- be sure to drop by http://PS3.PS3News.com which is our ongoing repository for PS3 information and also our Homebrew PS3 Utilities section which contains useful PS3 applications, documentation, emulators, and Tutorials.

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Also, here are some PSP file releases today: PSXStrip r1 For PSP, Parasite Eve PSX Multi-Disc Fix v2 For PSP, and PSX GameID Changer v1.0.1 For PSP. More to come later today!