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Thread: GDC: Call of Duty 4 Feature Patch Details

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    Starlight Guest

    GDC: Call of Duty 4 Feature Patch Details

    For all the PlayStation 3 Call of Duty 4 players out there, listen up. Today we spoke with Infinity Ward's Community Relations Manager Robert Bowling and acquired new information about the upcoming "Features Patch" soon to be released.

    Here is a detailed list of some of the improvements Infinity Ward will be including in the new patch:

    - Optimized servers
    - New Kill cams (grenades, RPG's, airstrikes, claymores, and more)
    - Quick Mute (allows user to mute annoying players by pressing X on their gamertag in the lobby)
    - Addition of "Recently Met Players" for the PlayStation Network
    - Improvements to the Sniper Rifles and Acog attachments (no more delayed shots)

    "(With the new kill cams) you can watch from when the grenade leaves the enemies hand all the way to the explosion that kills you," said Bowling.

    In addition to the new patch details, PS3 gamers can expect servers to run smoother. The four hour "Downloading Game Settings" bug was due to DemonWares servers having to handle the massive amounts of PlayStation 3 users logging in. With the new optimizations, gamers shouldn't have too many problems with in the future.

    [imglink=|GDC: Call of Duty 4 Feature Patch Details][/imglink]

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    fred5640 Guest
    New Kill cams !! this is a very good game, can't wait to buy

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    Joshkahane Guest
    Much agreed fred, i have seen the grenade killcam on my friends xbox version, its so cool.

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    alejandro550 Guest
    yes and more options in the main room

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    cbolt360 Guest
    Nade kill cams.... That will be sweet as hell...

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    Humpy Guest
    so when is this update available?
    I think it is a great idea to be able to mute all those annoying little kids

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    craig2k8 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Humpy View Post
    so when is this update available?
    I think it is a great idea to be able to mute all those annoying little kids
    lol same here

    this sounds good, how would i use the patch when available?

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    Spencer88 Guest
    This sounds great, I hope they include some the ability to pick "rooms" and see how many are available at some point...and ping rates...since I live in Japan it can be a pain trying to find a good game without to much lag..

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    TEXLORD7 Guest
    when will be available for the ps3? i cant wait to test this new patch >.< and features

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    wicked insanity Guest


    The kill cams feature looks intresting, and the use of "recently met friends" should be good, i'm surprised at how few games use this feature...

    Will the mute function be enabled for the PS3 version too?? that could be useful, lol

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