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    GDC 2009 Preview: Sony PS3 And PSP Rumors Surface

    The 2009 Game Developers Conference begins tomorrow (already today in some parts of the world), and here are some pre-GDC 2009 PS3 and PSP rumors circulating the Internet:

    We round up the latest hearsay to come from the Game Developers Conference. Teeda was kind enough to share some of the latest rumors involving the Game Developers Conference with us. Here's the latest:

    - New 80gb PS3 bundled with 2 games will be launched at the end of March.. it will cost $399 (already confirmed).

    - New 40gb ps3 sku will be launched this May. The cost will be $299.

    - PSP slide will be shown for the first time in this year's E3. The launch is next year.

    - The currently available PSP model will get a price cut too. The cost will be $119.

    - Fumito Ueda will be there at GDC '09. He will announce 2 projects. One of them is Shadow of the Colossus Online.

    - Syphon Filter is underway to PS3. Apparently the developers are using the same engine behind Killzone2.

    - Insomniac is developing a new action platformer RPG. It looks like a Zelda clone.

    - Jak 4 is on the way too.

    - Daxter 2 will be ready at the time of PSP slide launch.

    - Legend of Dragoon is under development and is to be launched in japan this year.

    Note: These are being reported as rumors and speculation only, nothing more, so until GDC '09 has come and gone take them with a grain of salt and feel free to share your comments below!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    mihaiolimpiu Guest


    New 40gb ps3 sku will be launched this May. The cost will be $299.
    I'm really excited about this! Wonder how will the new PS3 fare in terms of sales!? A huge sales spike or a big flop?

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    dustinmyles Guest
    God Almighty I HOPE these "rumors" come to fruition! Syphon Filter using the Killzone engine? SCHWING!!!!! However, I heard that Naught Dog's Uncharted 2 will be using 100% of the PS3's processing power: whereas Killzone 2 uses only 60%, and the ORIGINAL Uncharted used only 40%....and they were BOTH EXTREMELY OUTSTANDING graphically speaking!

    I would hold off and/or collaborate with Naughty Dog, and find out what they're doing to utilize the FULL processing power before embarking on the Syphon Filter...in reality they've probably ALREADY started development on it though. Either way, I POSITIVE it is going to be OUTSTANDING!!!!

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    CyanCaze Guest
    I would like to add another Rumor, PS2 Price drop to $30 oh and BEYOND! Those who listen will know.

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    aries2k6 Guest
    It will be interesting to see how many of these rumors are true.
    i think a price point of 299 for the 40gb ps3 is a good price. I think it could really help the ps3 sell better.

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    dkeller Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    - PSP slide will be shown for the first time in this year's E3. The launch is next year.
    What's a PSP slide? Never heard of it.

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