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    GDC 09: Sony Updates Dev Kits, Lower Prices for PS3 Developers

    With the start of the company's new fiscal year, Sony is devoted to pushing the PS3 as a gaming console, and has slashed prices for PS3 dev kits, as well as upgraded them to attract more developers.

    To quote: In what it describes as a move to "further strengthen its support for game development on PlayStation 3," Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. is introducing a range of tool updates at lower prices.

    Sony introduced new dev kit models at reduced prices: DECR-1400A for North America ($2,000) and Europe/PAL territories (?1,700), and DECR-1400J for Japan (200,000 yen). The company says the new models are the same in form factor to the commercial PS3, and claims they increase programming capabilities and graphics rendering efficiency.

    At GDC 2009 today, SCE also introduced PhyreEngine version 2.40, an update to its graphics rendering engine. It includes a new "foliage rendering" system for trees and plants.

    SCE will also provide a suite of tech support services for PS3 developers, promising to improve the SNC PPU toolchain, a compiler included in the SDK since February 2008.

    Said the company in a statement: "With more and more new and exciting PS3 titles scheduled for release this year from third party developers and publishers as well as from SCE Worldwide Studios, SCEI will deploy various measures to further reinforce game development for PS3 and will continue to expand the platform to offer attractive interactive entertainment experiences only available on PS3."

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    this is really good news... lets see what devs can do with it!

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    Does any of the devs have a dev-kit? I guess it would be a good tool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrCandydance View Post
    Does any of the devs have a dev-kit? I guess it would be a good tool.
    Yes. I think there is like 2 or 3 dev consoles with the team.

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    right but the dev consoles are not the only part of a full dev KIT. matter of fact, if one was to actually join the program they would receive official Sony support including firmware updates and documentation and... probably also an NDA. but idk. CJPC??

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