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    Gates: Real Battle is X-mas 2007

    November 22, 2006 - The PlayStation 3 and the Wii have joined the Xbox 360 on the battlefield and the next-generation console wars are officially underway. But speaking with, Bill Gates commented that he's not worried about the competition quite yet. Gates believes the war won't be in full effect until next holiday season.

    "You know, Sony can make 80,000 bricks, and people would buy them," Gates said. "So the real competition -- you're going to see the impact of our innovation and all the momentum we have in Christmas 2007. This Christmas, the story is: Xbox 360 is going to sell super-well, and they'll sell the rounding error amounts they can make."

    Christmas 2007 will be the Xbox 360's third holiday season. A conflict between Halo 3, Metal Gear Solid 4, and Smash Bros. could result in massive casualties.

    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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    This is a good point. Next holiday season will be a war mainly because of MGS4 and Halo 3.

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    Honestly I got all three systems and i think so far XBOX 360 is gonna win... the wii is in a class of its own but i like it second best... the xbox 360 has profiles which i dont seem 2 understand in the ps3 too much... also achievements it may not be much but i like it...

    its pretty soon 2 tell but i think xbox 360 will come in first... im a use my ps3 for exclusive titles only... and no im not a fan boy of any specific system...

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    note - i'm new here, so forgive me for bringing up a semi-old subject....

    having a modded XBOX and now the 60GB PS3, i think its hilarious that all my XBOX and X360 friends hate the PS3.... i mean, they have to pay extra for the HDDVD EXTERNAL drive (and we all know Blu-Ray will win the HD media battle), they have to pay for online gaming, their systems will never output as high quality resolution as the PS3 will, and their titles will never rank up to what the PS2 did with less than HALF the potential the PS3 has!!! the savior of XBOX was Halo, there aren't many other big sellers that weren't available for multiple systems!

    the Wii is a joke IMO - no Nintendo system will get my respect until they grow up like SEGA had to.... sure, the kiddie games are great and sometimes you'll need them, especially if you're an "old man" like me (age 24), have kids (no, not like me) and need an excuse for the "old lady" to buy a $600 system! but damn, are you incapable of going outdoors to play tennis, golf, go bowling, etc? its just a gimmick and you'll be bored of the Wii sports before you know it whereas we'll never get bored of Gran Turismo and Resistance and MotoStorm....

    on their defense, the only reasons why i still have my modded XBOX is that it plays damn near anything except Blu-Ray or HDDVD - PAL or NTSC, it doesn't matter to that bad boy, whereas the US PS3 hates PAL! it has 37 games i never paid for on it, XBOX live can blow me, so the modchip stays on whenever the green light is on, and i have as much invested into the XBOX what with controllers and the system and 120GB HDD as i do my PS3!

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    everyone has made some great points regarding all three systems. I think its unfair to compare the Wii to the ps3 or 360, just because its a different type of gaming system. But in regards to the ps3 vs the 360, only time will tell. Everyone can speculate all they want, but numbers won't lie in the end. Its funny how people are so quick to bash a new system, especially 360 fanboys, while its in its infancy. I even hear people lie about how sony has recalls already and all that... its kinda sad when the system they back has had more problems than any gaming system in history and every time they turn it on they cross their fingers and hope they don't see the "three red lights of death". sure the launch titles weren't all that great, maybe the online functionality can be improved, which it is. But the bottom line, at least in my opinion, is that if i wanted to listen to music or download demos, etc.. thats what i use my computer for. The ps3 is a gaming machine at its heart and that's what will win people over eventually i believe..

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    I have a 360 and no PS3. However one thing people tend to forget is that the Playstation name alone has uber respect in the Asian countries and does very well here too. That being said the xbox in a weird way is hated in Asia and never does that well there.

    SO, even if the PS3 does just as good as the 360 here in the USA, the Playstation wins big time because of the love overseas.

    Now the Blueray thing is another matter. I am not so sure that it will win, my thinking is that Sony is pretty much 0-2. BetaMax vs. VHS, Minidisc vs. CD's


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    Just like everybody else said, WII shouldn't really be in this, as it is a completely different console, if you comparing by graphic-wise, hand down 360 + PS3 will win. WII's focus isn't on that. It is more of an interactive gaming, where player active move to play the game, instead of the usual button mashing.

    PS3's Blu-Ray shouldn't be a focus on this. As the 360 isn't even using the HD-DVD to its full potential by offering its game in HD-DVD format. It is only used for HD-DVD movie playback.

    The only thing is the games that will come for these system that will drive sales of console up. Like many also say, it will depend on MGS4 & Halo 3. And possibly any other games that are console specific, or the library of games.

    I personally own a PS3, and I played the WII, I have to say the WII is very easy to pick up. Friends can have fun with the WII hours on end, just with the Sports game.

    I'll stand by the PS3 regardless, it is my choice, I think the Xbox's library of game is pretty weak, and what's good, the Playstation have also, well most.

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    hello there...before posting nonsence, pls go to the following page:

    ..and take a close look WHAT DAM HUUUGE fan-base does PlayStation brand already got. I am very sure, many of PS fans will pick up the PS3 and not anything else, because of the outstanding numer of developers & games franchise that will be there soon.

    Let the facts speak, not dam stupid rumors.

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    It all depends if sony can bunker down and start shipping those consoles out soon. Once this blu ray manufacturing kink gets worked out consoles will start selling by the millions. Many people say blu ray will fail as a movie medium.. maybe. Either way, it won't fail as a storage or game medium so blu ray is here to stay, at least until holographic storage comes out for the ps4. he..he..

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    if only sony uses it? who cares if only sony uses it. it will still allow up to 50 gig HD (200 gig in near future) games and as well as storage. i'd be the first one to buy a blu ray burner and discs (once they go down in price) so i can store all my stuff on 1 blu ray as opposed to 10 DVD's or 3 HDdvd's. Its not about what the consumers think they want now. its about what corporation's know they'll need in the future. in todays media age, more storage equals more sales. sorry dude, regardless of who uses it, it will be used, and people will buy it, at least people who own ps3's. in order for it to fail, the ps3 must fail first, which is unlikely at best.

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