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Thread: GameStop Offers $200 Trade-In Credit on Used PS3 Systems

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    GameStop Offers $200 Trade-In Credit on Used PS3 Systems

    The eagle eyes at (linked above) spotted a limited time GameStop promotion on trade-ins today, which offers up to $200 in store credit on used PS3 entertainment systems.

    For those who aren't worried about losing OtherOS functionality, you can now trade in your old PlayStation 3 console for $200 credit towards a less-shiny new PS3 Slim model... just be sure to do so before the offer ends on July 18, 2010.

    To quote: "By trading in a PS3 with one controller and the AV cables, GameStop will offer you a big $200 bucks (store credit). It doesn't matter if you have the fat or the slim PS3s. The store will gladly give you a store credit of $200 regardless of what model. Just make sure it works though!

    Trading it towards something else is a great idea for this deal. Don't miss it! It only last until July 18th."

    [imglink=|GameStop Offers $200 Trade-In Credit on Used PS3 Systems][/imglink]
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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Sounds like an attempt by Sony to clear out as many Fats as they can.

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    Reaper2122 Guest
    I can't do it anymore, i have to update but only for the medal of honor beta DAMN YOU SONY *cry*

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    Timbur Guest
    I don't see how this is a good deal at all. I couldn't imagine trading in my 80 gig (now a 650 gig) PS3 Fat with PS2 backward compatibility even without OtherOS just to get $200 credit. I agree with the earlier post. This has to be some sort of weak attempt to weed out the Fats.

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    CyanCaze Guest
    I'm perfectly fine gamestop, but thank you for your back handed deal

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    Okiri Guest
    200$?? What the hell is wrong with you gamestop? You nuts!!??

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    victor307664 Guest
    Some people paid full price and even more when they first came out. Do you really think its fair to only get $200 dollars on a system that works perfectly fine? They're F-ing nuts man. They should give them credit on broken systems since I'm sure they can get them refurbished and resale them. I wish us consumers had a way to work the system like coporate america.

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    ZBlacktt Guest
    This deal doesn't work for everyone as everyone's needs are different. But for the player that wants a warranty and a newer updated console. Trading in a phat for a Slim would work well here. Althought I would try and sell it on Craigslist first for $220

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    bdr103 Guest
    I agree with ZBLACKTT it depends what you want. If you dont use the backwards compatability etc then its a pretty good deal. Does seem a bit generous though given what other people offer. Perhaps a hidden motive there somwhere? Taking the older systems with certain aspects (which sony have since removed) out of the market

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    helli3yte Guest
    that's funny, once the ps3 is cracked and we all know that its damn near impossible to find an original 60gb backwards compatible ps3. the original ps3 will skyrocket to the thousands just so people can play bootlegs, just watch it will happen and when it does, ebay buy it now .99, shipping $2000. i aint paying ebay any percentage of any sale ha ha.

    and the more games i can stuff into a hard drive the more money i'll get. lol. sorry gamestop, your not going to receive one cent from me and im still on 3.15 i believe the one before they removed other OS.

    do you guys agree?

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