PlayStation Home Online Community Specialist Locust_Star has announced today that GamesCom, Star Wars and Superheroes have arrived as part of this weeks PlayStation Home content update.

To quote: Those of you who have always wanted to attend gamescom - one of the largest gaming conventions in the world - will finally have your chance this Thursday, August 19th when the gamescom event space launches in PlayStation Home.

Get a sneak peek at upcoming PlayStation titles, play games with your friends, rack up exclusive rewards, and experience the excitement of the show floor - all in our gamescom event space!

Week three of the Empire Strikes Back 30th anniversary celebration continues with even more Star Wars items releasing into the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home. We're talking AT-AT tables, a Probe Droid chandelier, and even a Wompa skin rug.

And if you really want to show the world how much of a Star Wars fanboy (or fangirl) you are, you can pick up the "Everything" Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary bundle, available (along with a ton of other awesome Star Wars content) from the LucasArts store in the PlayStation Home Mall.

Visit the Costumes store in the PlayStation Home Mall and transform yourself into a bonafide PlayStation Home superhero or supervillain. Choose from the Red Raven and Epsilon Viper costumes (available for the guys) or the Nocturne and Wild Scarlet costumes (for the gals).

Grab the bundles at a super-low price and then take to the streets of PlayStation Home where you can wow civilians with your newfound super-gear!

Speaking of rounding out your PlayStation Home collection - be sure to visit the PlayStation Home Mall to pick up Scott Pilgrim t-shirts (available in the Threads store) and the new Lockwood items (pictured below and available from the Sodium store).

While you are at it, head to Central Plaza, where you can get a free Subway Fiery Footlong t-shirt and watch a special video of the Los Angeles Clippers' own Blake Griffin, airing in the PlayStation Home Theater. Join the Subway Fiery Footlong Frenzy and you could win PlayStation games and hardware before they appear on shelves.

You heard me - you can be the first of all your friends to own LittleBigPlanet 2, LBP2 Collector's Edition, Gran Turismo 5, GT5 Collector's Edition, PlayStation Move hardware and software bundles, and the Invizimals PSP bundle. Simply collect game codes at Subway restaurants and enter on There's literally a prize every minute!

Top Gun the video game has launched on the PlayStation Network. To celebrate, we're offering you a chance to win the game, the movie and two exclusive Top Gun t-shirts for your PlayStation Home avatar.

Join the Top Gun Scavenger Hunt, being held in Central Plaza starting tomorrow, August 19th. Check out the official Rules and Regulations at the end of this post, and be sure to download the Top Gun game from the PlayStation Store before August 24th in order to receive a free limited edition flight suit for your PlayStation Home avatar!

Before I head out of here, I'd like to bring your attention to a new game that VeeMee (makers of the London Pub personal space, Pool personal games, and other hit pieces of PlayStation Home content) will be releasing in the very near future. Think: Scrabble...but this time you wear your answers.

Here's how it works: Pick up the AlphabeTees Game Pack (made up of the 26 words of the Alphabet including some punctuation) from the PlayStation Home Mall. Each day a new question will be shown on the Central Plaza Jumbotron. Get together with your friends to form the answer, take a photo, and then upload directly to the AlphabeTees competition entry portal (located under the Central Plaza Jumbotron).The winning entry will then be shown on the Central Plaza Jumbotron screen the following day so that everyone in PlayStation Home knows just how skilled you are!

To get everyone into the swing of things AlphabeTees will be giving away a free sample pack of 5 letters from the AlphabeTees game point in Central Plaza. We'll update you with more details (including release dates) on this Blog, so keep your eyes peeled. See you in Home!

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