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Thread: Gamers Spent $1 Million on Virtual Goods in PlayStation Home

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    Gamers Spent $1 Million on Virtual Goods in PlayStation Home

    According to Gamezine (linked above), gamers have already spent $1 million through purchasing the virtual goods available in Sony's PlayStation Home.

    To quote: That's right, Sony's service hasn't been out for long, but it's already made Sony $1 million from the priced goods available.

    T-Shirts, furniture and plants have all been enough to cause PlayStation 3 gamers to open their wallets. Intriguing that the "nickle and diming" tactic has already worked.

    According to Kaz Hirai at Sony's CES conference, 3.4 million people have downloaded the PlayStation Home Open Beta. Plenty of people to spend some pennies indeed.

    What have you done folks? Spending money in Home!? It's meant to be free! Stop encouraging them! I don't think this was what was meant when Bethesda said it could be the industry's defining moment. :P

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    ShagsterP Guest
    What's with the negativity? This isn't "nickel and diming" at all as long as it's for new and fresh optional content. Nickel and diming would be saying "Oh, you want to change your network name? That'll cost you." Might as well complain about having to pay money for LittleBigPlanet DLC, if that's the case. But every Home user has access to all the same locations, activities, and abilities as anybody else. Everybody has the chance to win free stuff via games as well, so I can't complain.

    Now I just wish they'd include a real-time clothing preview of stuff on your avatar before you buy, especially with the $2 price of all that new clothing added recently. Paying that much for something that ends up looking like crap on your character is disappointing...

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    jevolution Guest
    i actually don't mind if sony makes a few bucks off of it, as long as payments don't become required, those who have and wanna spend should be free to i guess. Since sony does not charge a subscription fee for psn like xbox live, maybe this will be a way for them to sustain it.

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