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Thread: Gamers believe Rockstar is covering up PS3 freezing issue

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    Gamers believe Rockstar is covering up PS3 freezing issue

    A thread on the US PlayStation boards (linked above) about GTA IV freezing issues has now reached over 1,600 comments from angry gamers requesting a patch ASAP.

    The forum members have been angered further as videos of the game freezing uploaded to YouTube have been removed due to a "copyright claim by Take 2 Games."

    Many now believe Rockstar are now trying to cover up the issue. We did however manage to find one video of the game freezing from cooleyre as you can see below... how long it lasts is undetermined though. :P


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    ne3b Guest
    luckily i didn't have that problem... for now at least.

    ps3: 60gb Europe.

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    farah9 Guest
    I played mine for 3 days without any problems then it started freezing. Then I signed out of psn and it works fine, except I can't play online.

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    nastywong1976 Guest
    The game froze on me once. Don't remember when and in what mission, but hope it won't start bugging like hell...

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